Monday, April 28, 2014

Sister Saturday and Relay for Life

On Saturday Raya and Sawyer did Relay for Life with my mom...the LOVED it she said. They wanted to stay the whole time, kept running and then stopping for refreshments, etc. etc. She said everyone thought they were so cute haha.

Before Raya left I took a picture of her "sporty spice" outfit---gotta look good while you run! haha. Of course Brielle got jealous and dressed herself in a "running outfit" too ---she nailed it :-P

After Relay for Life I took Sawyer and Raya into town b/c we were doing Sawyer's special day for his birthday---rather than a birthday present at his party this year I said I'd take him for a special day. We went shopping and he picked out like 4-5 new outfits lol (he surprisingly had a lot of fun doing this!) and then he chose Perkins for supper, then we went to Playstation and played and he convinced me to buy him a stuffed monkey haha, and then to Orange Leaf for frozen yogurt (with lots of gummy bear toppings!) and then a Frozen movie sleepover party at our house Saturday night. Whew, I was exhausted! He said it was the best day ever though haha, so it was a success.

Then for Sister Saturday, week 17, we had Sawyer join us :-)

Also, as a misc. bonus, my cousin posted a couple cute pics from our family Easter.

There are all the little girls close in age...Whitney is a couple months older than Harper I believe...she's a shorty like Brielle though :-)

And me and my stinker butt --- <3 her

Happy Monday!


  1. Sounds like Sawyer had an awesome day!!! And Brielle's outfit is just pefect =)
    So the Naartjie outfit that I got for Emma, the one with the cutout in the back...I got the same color as Raya's. I LOVE it! I'm anxious for it to come in the mail...although it will probably be August by the time the weather is nice enough for her to wear it! Haha =)

  2. I love the last picture of you and Brielle! Super cute!

  3. I think Brielle and Emma could rule the fashion design industry if their clothing choices stay like this. Pink cowgirl boots would be all the rage for years to come!!!!

  4. You are the best aunt ever. Sawyer's day sounds AWESOME!

  5. For being the same age, Brielle is looking so much taller than Drew! Maybe it's just the pics, but maybe I just have a shorty?! :)


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