Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Trendy Tot Tuesday

So as you all know, my girls don't really do "play clothes". I had to chuckle at kindergarten round up the other day when we all again got the lecture about play clothes at school. Her new teacher will learn soon enough that Raya's play clothes are a little unconventional LOL.

However, my mom has been getting annoyed lately with Raya's "gowns" when she comes to play---b/c bike riding, etc. aren't easy to do when you are decked out in a floor length dress (she insists, I don't make her wear this stuff!)

I'm sure it won't be long before Brielle gets a reputation at her new daycare as well haha. Hey, she better be cute to offset the naughty! ;-)

SO, with that in mind we went looking for more conventional "play clothes" this weekend for miss Raya. Her main problem is that jeans are impossible to fit usually, b/c to fit her waist they are way too long, and she hates the feel of them, etc. Well, thankfully shorts are much easier! We can size up for the waist and the length is still fine (b/c most of them start way too short anyways lol) and with less denim to bother her legs she complains a lot less too. Win win.

Grandma should be happy now with these bike riding clothes!

Size *7* shorts (waist adjusted in, but size 7 to fit her butt!)  ...both Old Navy...the tops were only $5---got 3 different patterns

Here are a few random outfits from the last week or so that I haven't posted yet :-)

We cut the sleeves off this one (it had white floral sleeves) to turn it into a spring/summer dress. Anything with those fake double sleeves is soooo easy to just cut the sleeve off!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. adorable as always. My gal doesn't like 'play clothes' either, but if I threaten with "no bike riding" etc., she changes reallllll quick

  2. I love their fashion, I'm thinking we will be the same way about play clothes!!


  3. I love that Raya is always dressed up, and I love even more that she chooses to do so on her own. What's more fun than a twirlly dress? Certainly not blue jeans. And, I never even thought to cut those fake sleeves off. Genius!


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