Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Checking in!

Not a ton to report we aren't really going anywhere too exciting during the week because we are saving money for our vacation coming up--can't wait!

Raya has a friend coming over tomorrow for her birthday and she's beside herself with excitement. Then on Friday she's taking treats to school to celebrate with the class, and then Sunday is our little family party---so I'll plenty of pictures to share after that I'm sure!

Since I have been doing our Trendy Tot pictures on my phone and instagraming them you all should look me up over there   "nopaparazziplease"  ....but here are a couple I'll share here

Looking cute today in our blazers :-)

Yesterday she was getting very excited about her upcoming festivities!
Photo: Someone is getting super excited for Sunday!!!

I love the afternoon drive to go get Sawyer from school on Tuesdays lol

Monday we made new headband holders
Photo: Headbands! We did brielles while she napped...cute for a 15 min project!

And ate some health food ;-)

And the was for Mother's Day from Raya at school---I have NO IDEA what she's talking about in the car lol. And pizza definitely isn't my most favorite haha

Happy Hump Day everyone!


  1. We may have to enter you into an "Instagram-aholic" program!! haha =) It's addicting isn't it?!

  2. Lol...yes way too easy for me to post pics when I am bored haha

  3. It is addicting! So easy to just snap a picture and post over there. I feel like I am constantly posting too... probably annoying to many, but hey, they have the option to follow or not, right?! ;)

  4. Cute pictures! I'll look you up on instagram. My favorite form of social media!

  5. YAY for joining IG!!!!!
    Oh my gosh, Raya's Mother's Day sheet from preschool - hilarious!

  6. hhaha I love her answers from school!


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