Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Girl Mom Givens

So on facebook today someone posted this hilarious blog post about boy moms ...if you are a boy mom I'm sure you'll find this even more amusing.

Which got me thinking, what would I say about being a girl mom?! So here ya go :-P

****Disclaimer*** Please don't comment saying "but my girl doesn't...." or telling me about all the little tomboys you know lol. There are exceptions to every rule of course, but based on my own girls and all the little girls I know these are just some of the generalizations I've noticed to be true :-)

And since Raya is at preschool I used Harper as a stand-in today.

1) If you are a girl mom you should wear shoes indoors at all times. Seriously, girl toys are so tiny. Between Barbies and Littlest Pet Shop and the various princess play sets you'll be buying, they will all have 1 million tiny pieces that will get lost in your carpet and you will step on them and stab your foot numerous times a day. Boy toys don't have nearly as many tiny pieces---probably because attention to detail is not something they are known for ;-)

2) If you are a girl mom you will have a pink load. When doing laundry it's no longer whites and colors ....you will have whites, pinks, and then a misc. load of all colors less desirable than pink haha. Even if you are determined not to buy lots of pink just because you have a girl, you will end up with tons of pink items just b/c that's what color is on a large percentage of stuff retailers market to girls. And your girl will likely fall in love with the color pink at some time all on her own too. #embracethepink

3) Girls like to gab. I'm pretty sure it's like a scientific fact that girl's develop language skills faster/earlier than boys. But besides that, girls just like to be wordy and never. shut. up.  For example, ask my nephew Sawyer what he did at school and he'll say something like "we went to gym and had chicken for lunch". Ask Raya what she did at school and she'll say "I played with Lilly and Lilly made me this colorful rainbow and then I made her this cat drawing and we played with the castle and then some boys came over and we didn't want to play with the boys so we went and played babies instead and then when we went outside I changed my shoes b/c I didn't want to get muddy and then we had snack and Chloe said I could sit by her and ........"   and this will go on and on and on.

I'm sure the chatty phone conversations are just around the corner....


4.) Girl  mom's will have lots of art to display.  Seriously, girls love to color, do art projects, etc. etc. I remember last year in preschool Raya would come out daily with a stack of art and some of the boy moms would say their sons rarely brought art home. When I asked about the after school program recently I was told by some boy moms that "the girls stay in the gym and do art all afternoon usually and the boys play outside."  There is something about crayons, glue, and paint that is like catnip for little girls.....oh, and glitter. My god, the glitter.  (And girls place a lot of value on their art too....it is all special and worthy of fridge display.)

5.) Your girl will go through a princess stage...guaranteed. I don't care how rough and tumble she is, those preschool years are the princess years. You will know all the princess names, movies, etc. You will have princess crowns, shoes, dresses. There will be talk of Disney and meeting princesses. Every toothbrush/bandaid/cup/happy meal will be tied to princesses or princess movies in some way. They will want to dress like a princess, color a princess, eat princess food, have princess pets, play princess games.....and all of this will probably involve glitter.  Again with the glitter. There is always glitter.

6.) You will be stopped in public. This happens to us no less than 1.2 million times whenever we leave the house. Now boy moms, don't get all up in arms, your kids are cute too. But there is something about little girls that makes people stop and comment. The more girls you have, the more you'll be stopped. Especially elderly people. I think it's a combination of all the cute accessories girls tend to wear, as well as the way they tend to skip and frolic as they walk. And their sweet little voices. Oh, and don't forget their natural inclination to hold hands, tilt heads, etc.. You will hear "they are sooooo cute" from passerbyers all day long.
 (Not sure what button I pushed on this one haha...sorry it's dark and weird looking)

7.) Girls have a sweet tooth. I don't know the science behind it, but they love sweets....usually much more than boys.

 (one sad looking rainbow cupcake left from Sunday haha)

8.) Girls play mind games with eachother. Boys fight, sure. But it's usually more physical, or straight out name calling, etc. Girls play elaborate mind games. I'll hear Raya saying things like "wow, my dress is so beautiful. I think purple is the most beautiful color, more beautiful than things like green. I'm so glad I'm not wearing green today" .....as she is casting sly looks over at Brielle who's dressed in green. lol. Cat fights and girl drama are for real.

9.) Going outdoors requires additional prep. Take a boy outside and he'll run around happily, most likely only needing the basic shoes and tshirt to survive in the "wild".  Girls enjoy being outside too! But they require a bit more prepping---first you need to pick out shoes, which will probably take at least 3 attempts to find one suitable. Then they'll want sunglasses. And a probably a doll stroller. And a snack. And a hat, because god forbid the wind blows their hair. And then the whole outdoor adventure will probably be cut short b/c it's too hot/too buggy/too sunny/too windy/.....

And then your husband will send them inside because it just isn't worth it :-P

10) You will LOVE being a girl mom. As much craziness as comes with raising girls there is three times as much fun too! Something and mamas and daughters---it's a special bond. They are your little mini mes. Your best friend. It's worth all the craziness for sure! :-)

***So what would you girl mom's add to the list, anything?! ***


  1. This is cute! #5 is for sure true - I have no idea how S even got introduced to princesses because it wasn't from me, but she is obsessed!

  2. Girls are SO picky about what they wear, we go through at least two outfit changes before we head out the door each morning. Also, you will always have hair bows laying around, in your purse, in your car, everywhere!!

    1. So true, especially the bows lol...EVERYWHERE!!

  3. Love this!! Girls give off attitudes like no other. Girls will change there outfits multiple times a day for no reason!!

  4. You are so totally right!! And the part that they like to Gab...Ohh Emma was born with the gift of gab! Yesterday when we picked her up from school she started talking and by the time we got to our street Brian looked at me and said, "Oh my god she hasn't stopped talking since she got into the car!" LOL She talks ALL THE TIME!!! hahaha


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