Sunday, May 18, 2014

Raya's 5th Birthday Party

Well, it's official, my baby girl is one whole hand today!

Last night I posted this instagram pic of her last moments as a 4 year old

Then in the morning Lee surprised her with a new basketball hoop---a joint gift from him and his parents (I stuck with buying the girlie stuff haha)

She LOVED it. It's on the lowest height right now so that Brielle can play...Raya's quite good!

SHe shoots!

She scores!

Air ball for Brielle hehe

Once Lee's parents arrived we had them pose for a pic

Sidenote---outfits ;-) Raya wanted to wear her #5 dress again, and since it was warmer today we ditched the leggings for some Naartjie shorts instead. This dress is borderline too small but it works haha. We were the 2nd owners and I'll be selling it again after today anyways

Brielle is wearing a Kpea dress and Gymboree leggings. Kpea is one of my newest favorites, but we buy it used of course.

While we waited for my family to arrive we snacked --our menu consisted of brats, hamburgers, fresh fruit, chips, carrots and dip....yum :-)

Then my parents arrived!

And my brother---Uncle John!

(Sidenote---without getting into details that aren't our business, I think I should probably note for future reference that John and Em recently got divorced, so that's why you won't be seeing Aunt Emily on the blog any more. However long story short they were together for 16 years, since my brother was 15...and it was a "friendly" split without any lawyers, Emily bought a place nearby and they share 50/50 custody and we still see the kids just as much, if not more, than all in all it's been fine for everyone and Harper and Sawyer seem to be handling it like champs :-)

While waiting for Lee to grill the food Raya posed with the awesome rainbow cupcakes my mom made

I had seen a friend on facebook post these and thought they looked cute and easy, so I bought the rainbow candy (made by the sour straw company...called extreme something or other) and she whipped these up.

And we got out some wine for my mom

And then the food still wasn't ready haha, so the kids went out to play basketball again

Well, all except Harper...she's not very outdoorsy for some reason lol

I love this picture of them

Then we decided to sing happy birthday ---Raya had a funny expression while we sang hehe

Blow them out!

And finally, lunch was ready!

Spying on the guys eating on the deck ;-)

Cupcake time!

And then it was time for presents! She prepared her little chairs and told us multiple times "everyone watch me!" ...we were not allowed to talk, and only to look at her LOL

She was so cute this year...she squealed in delight over EVERYTHING...from the cards to the big gifts, she was thrilled with it all

A dress for her American Girl doll from Grandma H.

Pink tball glove from Lee

Brielle saw this Ariel shirt at Target and said Raya would like she bought it for Raya...and one for herself of course LOL

I got Raya this Fancy Nancy upcycle dress (used) says "I can't help it...I'm just naturally fancy!"  ..she loves Fancy Nancy and checked out a different fancy nancy book every week at preschool for the last like 4 months haha

Her crowd of onlookers

She *really* loved this super soft blanket I got her for her bed, that says "Rayana Marie" all over it. I bought it from Joann Grace Designs on facebook.

Girlie water gun from Uncle John (he also got her Taylor Swift perfume---her very first perfume ever---she thinks she's hot stuff haha)

And the huge hit, roller skates from Uncle John--he always picks winning gifts!

She insisted on putting them on right away

Card from Grandma Donna and Papa

Grandma and Papa got her the jeep and camper from Target, to go with her American Girl doll

Brielle took a jump rope break

The boys threw washers

And then big kids did some jumping

It was an awesome day!


  1. Looks like a lot of fun. Happy birthday to her!

  2. What a great Birthday! And of course...the girls looked Adorable as always =) Your chairs that Lee painted came out awesome! I love the colors!

  3. Ah... what a great day! I think my favorite picture is the one of your mom and Raya kissing. Brought tears to my eyes!

  4. What a great birthday!! Looks like she made out like a bandit! A super adorable bandit. :)

  5. Looks like Raya had a great birthday! I love that she wore the skates around after opening them! HA!!!

  6. Great family picture at the end! And those cupcakes look delish. But let's talk about how awesome Raya's form is for basketball! :)

  7. Looks like she had a great party. Love that family picture

  8. Happy Birthday, Raya! It looks like she had a great day!


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