Thursday, May 1, 2014

Soccer Star

HOLY CRAP! So tonight was the first soccer game ever that my parents couldn't attend, so I was teasing my mom earlier tonight that Raya would probably score a goal (the most exciting thing she's done in a game to date is tap the ball with her toes a few times). Well no joke, during tonight's game she kicked the ball (unassisted) half the length of the field and then gave one big kick directly into... the goal---SHE KICKED A FREAKING GOAL! haha. She declared "this is the best day of my life!!!!!!!" ---but I think she said that after we told her we were going to Dairy Queen to celebrate, so my money is on the ice cream, and not the goal, as being the best part of her day GO RAYA! Next week I'm sure we'll return to her regularly scheduled programming of skipping, twirling, and looking aimlessly around the field
In other news, we visited an inhome daycare today for Raya and signed her up. I had decided that the before and after school program at the elementary school was maybe not the best fit for Raya---and she really wanted to ride the bus and kept telling us she wanted to go to a house. So we found an inhome option just a couple blocks from the school---she's the last bus stop so she'll get to ride the bus for like 4 minutes to school which is perfect. She seemed to like the other kids there and it's only $9 a day for before and after school care (and they feed her) haha--be jealous of small town Iowa daycare rates :-P yeah, she's pumped and will start in August! Brielle will still be going to the daycare center---she needs the structure of a center, whereas Raya really is a better fit with a free for all inhome I think---and hopefully they will play really nicely together in the evenings since they won't be sick of eachother from playing during the day together.
Next up in preparing for my journey back to work---fingerprinting for myself and physicals for the girls---plugging along! haha


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  2. Way to go Raya!
    Seriously, NINE DOLLARS?! I can't even comprehend that kind of price.

  3. That's awesome; way to go, Raya!

  4. Way to go Raya!! And of course the one time your parents weren't there to witness her goal. Hopefully she can make a repeat of it!!
    I'm glad you found before and after school daycare for Raya! And $9 dollars is awesome!! We spend $37 dollars a day for Alyx, but if Emma wants to go too it's just an extra $9 too =)


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