Friday, May 9, 2014

Tiny gymnist

Took a couple phone pics of Brielle at gymnastics today! She was moving waaay too much so most of these are blurry haha, sorry. Better than nothing :-P

Also used my phone to take selfies---Raya is obsessed with them now haha

(The phone did some sort of faces setting, which made our skin look a little weird, but still cute)

I actually posted quite a few more instagram pics today, so follow me over here to see them!

I also had two photoshoots today. One was one of my best childhood friends and her family

 Her little guy is Brielle's 2 days older

Here sister has a little guy too <3

And then tonight I met a new family and took their pics--cutie patooties!



I have two more photo sessions tomorrow too!


  1. I love the "selfie"! =)

    And the pics you took of your friend & her family are awesome!!

  2. I love the selfie too; my kids get a kick out of doing those as well, haha!


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