Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Catching up!

First off, I apologize, but I've fallen victim to Instagram---so much easier than posting over here lol. I take back all the mean things I said about it in the past (except my making fun of foodie pictures....I still stand by that :-P )  So if you aren't following me on Instagram yet go do so ASAP HERE

In other news, here is week 23's Sister Saturday picture

Aren't they adorable? :-)

The girls and I are in the swing of our summer schedule---this week Raya had dance camp for ballet and jazz....she's loving it

Photo: Dance camp this week.. ballet and jazz! Donuts for Brielle as consolation since she's too young lol

Brielle isn't old enough for this camp, so I've been trying to make her forget the unfairness of it all by bribing her with donuts :-P

Photo: Brielle gets a donut instead of dance camp lol

In the summer I have a tendancy to cave often for cool treats---DQ is a frequent stop
Photo: Why do I do this to myself? #conesaremessy #theylovemessy #sprinklesforbonuspoints

Photo: She's only slightly less messy than Brielle :-P

As is Starbucks
Photo: Forgot to post this earlier...The girls at Target today ;-)

And when I had all the cousins Sunday night we went to Orange Leaf...on of those add your own toppings places
Photo: Orange leaf! Last sleepover before John and Em return

And DQ before that
Photo: Giving my poor parents a break from watching sawyer and harper lol...cousin sleepover at Shawna's tonight!

John and Em returned from Mexico on Monday and we are missing all the cousin time we had last week---here are a few pics I don't think I"ve posted yet here

Photo: Babies in a bath

Photo: Good morning

Photo: 4 kids dressed and outside playing by 7:30 am #iamgood

We are on day 2 currently of a reading challenge we started. I made a reading chart and set a goal of 10 books a day---8 read aloud between Lee and I and then 2 "read" independently by the girls. They are loving this so far and I love the visual reminder to myself of how many I've read them so far during the day. It's not that I don't like reading to them, but as they've gotten older their books have gotten so long! So sometimes Lee and I just don't really feel like it :-P But I know it's important and with Raya out of preschool for the summer I wanted to keep something academic going consistently.

We went to the library yesterday to stock up on some new books...and play
Photo: Playing at the library!

We've also done quite a bit of sprinkler play! The temps have only been in the low 70s lately so not warm enough for the pool or splash pad really, but they still brave the cool weather to play in the yard :-)

Photo: Sprinkler time! Raya was insanely jealous of brielles 2-piece so I had to do a quick conversion on hers ;-) #toocoldforsprinklers #whateverfloatstheirboat

I even set the sprinkler up on the driveway and made a "car wash" for them :-)
Photo: Carwash!

Other than all our summer fun I've been doing TONS of photo sessions. I've really enjoyed meeting a lot of new people and getting to cuddle some new babies as well :-)

Here are some favorites of late:

I even did my first in-home lifestyle session!


  1. LOL - Instagram gets the best of them. Love following along. :)
    Also loving your reading challenge. I'm going to have to borrow that idea when Marcus is a little older - like next summer. :)

  2. Those girls have the pose thing down! :-)

  3. Sweet cousins!! And love your recent sessions! :)

  4. I really love the summer reading idea! Emma's school is doing a summer reading program of some type and they can earn money to go into a bank account. I need to read more about it because it sounds like a great idea! =)

  5. Such cute pictures! Your girls are adorable and all the baby pictures are making me swoon!


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