Monday, June 23, 2014

Feeling good and Facebook Funnies

First off, I have an appt. with my arthritis doctor today and I am feeling good! Since getting the injections a few months ago in my problem joints I haven't had any pain and sometimes the swelling and pain comes right back---but so far this time it hasn't. Yippee!

When I was having tons of problems awhile back (since the start of the year) they increased my steroids quite a bit and I ended up gaining 10lbs in a month and then another 5 after that. Ugh. They have since decreased the meds slightly but the extra weight didn't just fall back off magically unfortunately :-P Well in August my mom and I are taking a trip to the Mall of America (yay!) and I plan on buying a whole work wardrobe before I start back to work---and really didn't want to buy a bunch of clothes for my plumped up size ;-) So I started a basic calorie counting + WW points type of self designed diet using phone apps and I'm already down 6lbs in 2 weeks--wahoo! (I'm sure since it's weight I gained quickly from a medicine that maybe helps it come back off sooner--not quite sure. I'm not feeling hungry at all!) I'd love to knock off the other 9 before we go to the mall--we'll see :-P

For anyone interested I mainly am doing it through diet alone since I can only do super low impact things like walking and swimming with my joints (although we've done some hiking lately and so far my knee and such is ok!). I am lucky in that I am a person who can easily eat the same thing every day and it doesn't bother me one bit here's what I've been eating:

1) Apple and peanut butter for breakfast (occasionally oatmeal instead)
2) Salad for lunch (with a little cheese and almonds on it for protein---sometimes grilled chicken if I have it left over from supper---as well as tons of veggies--and Panera dressing (I love all the Panera dressings and you can buy them right at the grocery store in the refrigerated section)  ---- If we are out and about then I try to get Subway---no cheese, oil and vinegar. Or else eat at Panera (I love the strawberry chicken salad they have this time of year!)
3) Snacks---I have found I can get a tall skinny vanilla latte, etc. at Starbucks for a snack, or a small twist cone from Dairy Queen, etc. etc....for indulgences. Otherwise at home I've just been trying to snack on fruits and veggies and nuts. (On the days we have gone on long hikes I eat extra to make up for those calories burned....motivation to go hike haha)
4) Dinner-- Usually 4oz of some sort of grilled meat---hamburger (no bun), chicken, pork chop, etc....that way Lee can eat like a normal person still :-P And then a big side of grilled veggies (or frozen veggies).
5) If I still have points/calories left after dinner than I usually have popcorn for a snack at night---I really like the "simply salted" microwave popcorn. You can eat a whole bag for about 100 calories. Or I have a glass of wine hehe.

Oh, and the other thing I've done is given up my 3 can of diet soda a day addiction and switched to water. I do let myself have some diet coke at restaurants and stuff though.


And now Facebook funnies---here are some Facebook status updates that I don't think I have copied over to my blog, and I want to always remember them!

Raya: Let's play house! I'll be the mom, Sawyer can be the dad, and Brielle and Harper can be the sisters.
Sawyer: Ok, but who's going to be the brother? Because you know, dads die before brothers.
Raya: Oh.
Sawyer: Well, unless the brother dies of a heart attack....or gets shot.

Boys! LOL


Finished our hike! Brielle ran most of it and Raya walked behind saying "this is the worst day ever" lol. Can't you tell who the hiker of the family is? Hehe

Photo: Finished our hike! Brielle ran most of it and Raya walked behind saying "this is the worst day ever" lol. Can't you tell who the hiker of the family is? Hehe


Raya: Who carried me downstairs during the storm last night?
Me: I did
Raya: yay, mama carried me Brielle and daddy carried you
Brielle: nooooooooooo!!!!! Mama carried me!
Raya: No she didnt. You get what you get and you don't throw a fit.
Brielle: MAMA!!!!!!!
Me: fine, whatever, I carried you both.
Brielle: See Raya?!

Next time I am not carrying either of them...let the tornado get 'em
Put the girls to bed and Brielle was throwing a fit in their shared room. Next thing I know Raya comes out and tells me "can you PLEASE put this kid in a timeout?! I am trying to go to sleep and this crying is soooo annoying!"

Lol...point taken.
Part 2:
OMG, that kid is seriously evil. I finally called Lee in to deal with her. After a couple minutes in her room he comes out cradling a very happy and content Brielle. Apparently she told him the reason she can't sleep is because when she closes her eyes she thinks about the cops taking her and her daddy away ... which led Lee to take her to watch TV and cuddle. HE'S BEEN PLAYED! lol
I have never felt as old as I did just now listening to Lee read one of my favorite books, the berenstein bears, to the was talking about bringing a boom box and cassettes to a slumber party lol...The girls had no idea what he was talking about lol
Raya just came to me and said "I set my silver glitter shoes by the door so that I can wear them later to Walmart...bc you have to look gorgeous at Walmart" ...clearly she has missed the memo about Walmart shopping attire lol


Raya being Raya and Brielle being...well being Brielle lol ;-)

Photo: Raya being Raya and Brielle being...well being Brielle lol ;-)

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  1. Woohoo for no arthritis associated pain - that's great!
    I saw the IG post of your hike and Raya and Brielle's reactions to it. I about died! It's so funny to see just how different the girls' personalities are!


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