Tuesday, June 3, 2014

knit headband tutorial

Ok, on Instagram and Facebook I've had quite a few people inquiring about these knit headbands I started making for the girls...and they are SO EASY that I thought I'd share a little tutorial in case someone wanted to try making one themselves :-)

Time: 10-15 minutes
Supplies: 1/4 yard fabric (I can make a headband for both Raya and Brielle out of 1/4 yard), scissors or rotary cutter, sewing machine (or hand stitch if you are really motivated lol)

Step 1: Fold your fabric in half (short side to short side) ...then fold the top (long side) down so that you end up with 4 layers of fabric  (my thumb is showing the long side that I folded down...then the bottom of my stencil is lined up along the other fold that was created when I folded short end to short end)

**The "stencil" I just made up with a ruler. That is the general shape needed for the style I have been making. If you want your ends to be more square rather than pointed you could draw yours with more square ends, etc. I make the bottom more narrow just so that the part behind the neck isn't so wide b/c that bother's my girls. The length of your stencil should be half the head circumference + however long you want your tie ends to be (I tested a couple first and eventually figured out my ideal length---just gotta play around with it.).

Step 2: Cut out your stencil (this doesn't have to be exact...I don't trace it or anything...just cut around the stencil the best you can by eyeballing it.)

**I made mine a little longer than the stencil b/c it was for Raya...the stencil is Brielle's size**

Step 3: Unfold everything and you now have 2 pieces, double the length of the stencil (b/c the fabric was folded over.)

Step 4: Lay the two pieces on top of each other (right sides together---b/c you will turn it right side out after you sew it). Start sewing where my thumb is in the picture below...and sew all the way around until you get to where my pointer finger is--the space in-between my fingers you will *not* sew shut. 

Use a zigzag stitch if possible...it will allow for some stretch better than a straight stitch.

This shows what it looks like when I'm done sewing...see the gap I left unsewn?

Step 5: Start turning it right side out, by pushing the fabric back through that hole you left unsewn. Do little bits at a time b/c the hole is not very big (you don't want to leave too big of a hole because then you will see it on the finished product).

Step 6:

This is the finished product once it's turned right side out! The hole (shown by my fingers) will be hidden under the knot you tie, but you can hand stitch it shut if you want.

Step 7: Put it on! I need to practice my knots haha, but just a double knot of some kind works :-)


*** If you like your headbands to be wider then just cut them wider! If you like longer floppy ends on your bow then make it longer. You can pretty much alter it however you want! ***

And seriously, it seems more complicated than it is. Such a quick and easy project--anyone could do it I promise. And if your sewing is wonky and uneven etc it really doesn't matter. By the time it's all tied on their head it hides almost all imperfections.

Have fun!

Here are a few others I've made too


  1. I would just rather have you sell them in your Etsy shop, haha! I don't think I could make them. :-)

    1. Lol...well I only have 2 months before I go back to work full time and my sewing days are over ;-)

  2. Love them! I definitely just sent a link to this post to my mother (the one with the sewing machine) *hint hint* I hope she comes through! Haha!

  3. Oh my goodness, thanks for sharing this tutorial! So cute!

  4. What adorable headbands! I need to start sewing!


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