Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Raya's Birthday Interview (A Little Late)

Oops. Forgot to do this---here it is, a little late! These are the questions I first asked her at 3 years old.

What is your  favorite  color?   *Pink and Blue

What is your favorite TV show? *Callie's Wild West

What is your favorite  room in your house? *My room
Why is that your favorite? *I like the other side of my bed because there's a camper.

Do you like princesses? *Yeah
Which is  your favorite princess? *All of them!

What is  your  favorite  food? *Butterfly cakes with cream inside with sprinkles
What  food  don't  you like? * Tacos

What is you favorite thing to drink? *Raspberry flavor and cherry flavor....ummm...blueberry....and strawberry and maybe like one ummmmm....grape

 If you could change  your  name, what would it be? *That little kitten's name that has the white body....Marie    (Aristocats)

 If  you had lots  of money, what  would you buy with it? * Umm, a Frozen tall as me and a baby Frozen and a dolly Frozen.

 What's your favorite  book? * Disney Books, because they have Elsa and Anna in it

What do you love  about Grandma and  Papa's house? * Having a sleepover....that's all

 If you could do  anything all  day, what would it be? * Buying dollies...buying ALL of the dollies

Who's your best friend? *Lilly and Sawyer

What's  your  favorite game? * Chutes and Ladders

What's  your favorite thing to wear? *Summer dresses, but no jeans! Just summer dresses and no shorts or tank tops!

What  is something you want to teach  Brielle when  she's older? *To reach her clothes with a little stool....I'm gonna teach her skating by herself

What's  your favorite thing to do at the mall? *Eat cookies....that's all
What do  you dream about? * Frozen...I met Frozen in her castle and I did what Frozen was doing.

What's your favorite thing about Daddy? * He teaches me how to rollerskate and he plays games

If you had to pick  a new mommy, who would you pick? * Lilly

Why  is  the sky blue? Because it has to be blue so that the sun comes up....if it isn't blue then it will be dark forever

What  do you want  to be when you grow up? * Teaching school

Would you like another  sister  or brother? * Another sister and it would be a lilly.

What if you ever had a brother? * It would be Sawyer.

But would you like a tiny baby to live with us? No....because they poop and pee all over!

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  1. Frozen seems to be the reoccuring theme here. :)
    And, how do you stand Callie's Wild West? The minute the show comes on I want to poke my eyes out (needless to say, we never watch it).


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