Thursday, June 19, 2014

Yearly Checkups -- 3.5 years and 5 years

The girls had their checkups on Tuesday! The doctor is fun when Grandma Donna is your nurse :-)

They were NOT impressed with the gowns....they kept telling my mom "these are not very beautiful!"

Photo: This little peanut was 29lbs (20th % ile) and 36 inches (8th% ile). I thought she had gotten taller but I guess I mismeasured at home lol...shorty ;-)

This little peanut is still a peanut! Her stats were:
29lbs (20th % ile) and 36 inches (8th% ile)

Everything else checked out great though---she's just petite!

Then Raya....
Photo: This pretty girl is still solid! 47 lbs (86th % ile) and 43.8 inches (70th % ile)

Raya is still above average for both height and weight---a growing girl and the complete opposite of her sister! haha
47 lbs (86th % ile) and 43.8 inches (70th % ile)

She looked great too!

The other thing we were up to this week was some home improvement projects. I feel like this summer I am doing a little "nesting" before I go back to work in August haha....some projects that I've been talking about for a couple years, ever since we moved in, are finally getting done!

First, I painted the girls' Barbie house and added on a tower addition ;-)
Photo: Forgot to share my other project from yesterday....painted the Barbie house yellow and made a little tower addition for them lol. Millions of barbies are stored on the back of the door in a shoe organizer :)

The I made a family command center on the big wall in our kitchen! The previous owners had done something similar that I remember loving when we came to look at the I wanted to do something kinda like it. Each person in the family has a corkboard with their picture on it---to hang school/work papers etc. that need to be dealt with and such. Then in the middle is a white board calendar that is color coded for everyone in the family, so that we can glance at the week and know exactly who needs to be where and when!
Photo: Family command center finished! Wanted to get organized before I go back to work in August. Still want to add some hooks under each person's board but mostly done :) Painting the living room tomorrow!

And then today I painted the accent wall in our living room my very favorite color--aqua!
Photo: Aqua accent wall complete! Hard to see the curtains since it's so bright out, but perfect match :-) Just need Lee to hang the TV back up on the wall when he gets home!

I love it :-)

I also have one more project down in the guest room that isn't quite I will have to update that later!


  1. So much fun, and yay for good check ups!!!

  2. I love the family "command" center! I wish I had enough wallspace in my kitchen to do something similar. I really think it's time for a bigger house for me!! =) And your living room wall looks amazing!! Someday I will get enough courage to paint the wall where our fireplace is. But I'm not sure I will be able to do a bright color =) The aqua looks sooo good though!

  3. You have been working so hard!! Emma is a little squirt too. She may have a few pounds and inches on Brielle! Gotta love our "Shorties!"

  4. Your girls are adorable and I love the living room color. Gorgeous.

  5. Kyla is definitely more like Raya! I think she is like 38 pounds. I keep thinking she is thinning out though :)

    I love all your projects. Makes me motivated to get something fun done around here!

  6. I love the aqua wall!
    Glad the girls are growing well!


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