Tuesday, July 15, 2014


It's become a tradition that our friends come stay with us over the 4th of July. Usually they take a few minutes to warm up to each other since we only see them a few times a year, but this time Bryn came in and they immediately got to playing dress up!
In the morning they had a donut picnic :-)
Last year we also started the tradition of getting them matching outfits---this years turned out pretty cute! 
 Lee did all of our grilling and we spent a lot of time out on the deck---I did a lot of drinking ;-)
We also did some slip n slidin' 
The girls always enjoy sparklers! 
And instead of going to watch fireworks this year the girls decided to stay home and make smores 
On a rainy day we went at played at Burger King! 
And in the mall.... 
And ended at B&N for some cookies! 
I could tell we had read Wizard of Oz when I saw Brielle line up her toys and say "now, there is a tornado coming..." 
Bath time is better with friends! 
A super fun weekend!!! Can't wait to do it again :-) 

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