Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Swimming lessons

So last week the girls started swimming lessons. This year Raya moved up to the bigger kid level and she's doing great! It's 2 weeks long so tomorrow will be her last day. She's a people pleaser/goodie-2-shoes so she always rocks any kind of lessons. Does exactly what she's told, tries her best, and makes friends pretty easily. It's really fun to watch her!

And she was particularly pumped that I found a 2-piece swimsuit that fits her...Hanna Andersson brand. I got it on the end of season clearance so the price was great and the butt coverage is amazing for this bootylicious child ;-)
 Here was the best my phone could do, zoomed in to see Raya in class :-)
And then Miss Brielle. Well, this was her very first year of lessons. She loves to swim and has no fear of water, but I knew she'd be majorly pissed off when I didn't come in to lessons. Remember gymnastics? Yeah, the child isn't a big fan of being left haha.
But she talked good game on the way to lessons....she was pumped 
 Surprisingly we got to lessons and she was hesistant, but I took her to a young girl swimming teacher (she says she only likes girls!) and Brielle took her hand and walked into class without any tears...I was shocked! So I stayed and visited for about 10 minutes out front before walking around to watch her through the fence. When I got there I saw this:
Yeah, she started crying immediately upon getting in there and I didn't know it haha. Oops. She was screaming "I want my Mama!!" and after about 15 minutes the teacher brought her over to the fence, where Brielle latched on to the fence trying to get to me. I pried her fingers off and told them that she loved swimming and was just being stubborn, so they kept her in there kicking and screaming. And guess what? With 10 minutes left in the class she was suddenly swimming and smiling and oh so happy that she had a very attentive teacher all to herself lol. Guess there's no need to pay for private lessons---Brielle knows how to play the cute, "i'm so little" card lol. She did great the rest of the week....no crying, but I'd often see the teacher pick her up and carry her around....no doubt those big blue eyes and long lashes were working their magic ;-)
Hard work crying at the first class---passed out on the way home! hehe
 Here she was, giving a thumbs up before day 2---she was ready!
Day 2 ---in line so nicely waiting to go down the slide!
 Yay for no crying on day 2!
Raya did well every day---good job! 
I continue to take them to the wading pool though b/c it's free and easy! lol.  
Post swimming treats! 


  1. Welcome back! :) I have to say, usually I'm not a fan of two piece swimming suits on little girls.... but that red ruffle suit is ADORABLE!

  2. They look adorable in their suits! I hope the lessons are going well!


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