Wednesday, July 30, 2014

What's been up with us?

I'll tell you! :-)

First, I'm now a horrible blogger lol. I'm just too dang busy! And now with my internet phone I don't get on my laptop except to edit photos, and blog posts are a pain from my phone. So yeah, once again find me on instagram for the multiple pictures a day haha

Second, lately I've spent a lot of time preparing/shopping for food because just over 2 weeks ago I went complete Paleo ---actually, even a little more restrictive than Paleo b/c I'm doing the auto-immune version for my arthritis. No idea what Paleo is? Check this out Beginners Guide  I've lost weight as an added bonus but am mainly doing it because the Paleo lifestyle has been shown many times to help autoimmune diseases, even help cancer! I'm generally not a super "crunchy" person but lately I'm all about trying whatever is going to keep me around my girls the longest ;-) And after just 2 weeks of not a single cheat (an occasional cheat wouldn't kill a normal person, but one bite of a cheat can set a person with autoimmune disease back needless to say I don't cheat!) but I am no longer craving sweets, etc. like I used to. Not a single processed food or refined sugar has crossed my lips and I feel great. My wrist is still bothering me but I know part of that is the constant use for my photography and editing.

Third, I'm preparing like crazy for going back to work....I start work on Monday! My head is already spinning with all the info being thrown at me lol. I'm super excited to start back though and officially tired of the SAHM gig lol...I've run out of things to do at home that don't cost money and keep the girls from driving me crazy ;-) Brielle starts daycare on Friday and Raya starts her in-home sitter on Monday, and then Kindergarten on the 13th!

Although the girls have been driving me a little batty, we still have fun---here are some recent pics

Successful dentist trips
Photo: Doing great at the dentist..thumbs up!

Photo: Raya did great too!

Photo: The dentist asked her if she liked the movie Frozen. Then she asked "who's your favorite?" And Brielle said "my mama!"

Photo: "Daddy, can you cuddle me for a few hours?" ...Each night the request is longer..up to "hours" now lol. She knows how to play her Daddy!

"Mama, my eye hurts! I was doing this and my eye hurts"

"Okay, well don't do that then."
Photo: "Mama, my eye hurts! I was doing this and my eye hurts" 

"Okay, well don't do that then."

Fourth, been doing tons of photography! Recently changed my business a little so that during the school year I focus on only doing photography of children ages 5 and under. Since I'm only doing photography a couple days a month when I'm working this will help me narrow things down a little because I was having to turn lots of people away. I'm booked until November already! Then during the summer when I'm off work I will open it up to some family sessions.

Here are some favorite photos I've taken recently
Photo: Loving this photo of mom with her little ladies, and baby-to-be!

Photo: Ok, so I lied. Have to share just one more tonight!! Boy's best friend <3

Photo: To be honest I always find extended family photo shoots to be a little nerve-wracking, especially when they involve kids because you never know what everyone's going to do! But look at that---they all did great <3   More to come from this super fun (and super hot!) session from earlier today :-)

Photo: Finishing up this cd today!

Photo: One final sneak peek for these guys tonight---I am LOVING this gorgeous outfit, and pretty certain I need to track down a similar get-up for my own girls now <3  Feel free to share any of the photos, and I'll let you know when your cd is ready!


  1. Great update! Congrats on going Paleo, the new job, and the awesome photos!

  2. I haven't blogged forever either. BUT that was because of my computer issues. I'm hoping to get back into very soon!!


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