Friday, August 22, 2014

3 words or less

New with us?

Photo: Not even 8 am and I've already built the world's largest fort #supermom #daddyissleeping #iwin
Mama makes forts

Raya hearts scarves
Photo: Found Raya some child-sized scarves and now she's obsessed. She dressed herself today...ya know, just an understated little number for hanging around the house today lol ;-)

Frozen lip gloss
Photo: Came out in the kitchen to see this

Daycare "play clothes"
Photo: After being home all last week due to daycare rules/sick my little cherub finally is heading back this week...mommy is doing a happy dance! ;-) let's hope Brielle's good mood about it continues lol

Twins when sleeping
Photo: They really look alike when they're sleeping!

First recognizable drawing
Photo: Brielle brought home her first recognizable preschool picture today (normally she's a scribbler)--she said it was mama, raya, and her ♡

Newest family member
Photo: I was surprised Rayas tiny egg actually hatched and it's been growing like crazy! She's excited to see the butterfly!

That is all ;-)


  1. Brielle and Lee are a riot when they sleep! Too cute! I've missed your blogging...just so ya know!!!

  2. Love this post and have missed your blogging!


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