Monday, August 11, 2014

Back to work! And daycare adventures

Well, last Monday was my first day of work---it's going great! I LOVE my new agency that I'm working for and the 4 days of orientation last week were amazing. Tomorrow is my first day actually getting into my schools and meeting principals so I'm excited about that too. So far so good---and thus far I honestly don't miss being at home! (sorry girls lol).

Brielle's first week at daycare had its ups and downs. She throws a fit if I drop her off, but she does fine when Lee drops her off haha. The teachers said she cries a little bit after I leave and then is fine. Sometimes she's fussy after nap time but "the teacher in the purple dress" make her animals dance after her nap one time and now Brielle is always talking about the teacher in the purple dress who she likes lol.

Here she was on her first day of daycare!
Photo: Brielle first day of school! (Daycare) :-)

And some pics her teacher took

And while she had her first day, my mom and I were at Mall of America buying my work wardrobe!
Photo: Great 2 days at mall of america! Heading home now :)

Here was our selfie before I left for my first day of work
Photo: First day of work selfie! Brielle refused lol. Brielle is mad about daycare this morning....

And *after* my first day!
Photo: We all survived my first day of work! I loved it, raya had fun, and Brielle was....well Brielle ;-)

Raya is liking her new daycare as well! Here are a few pictures her daycare lady has taken of their fun




Then on Friday of last week I had the day off, so I sent Brielle to daycare and took Raya for the day to school supply shop---she had her list and carefully marked off everything as we found it lol.
Photo: I have today off so I'm taking Raya school supply shopping...she's armed with her list and super excited!!

She picked out a few things not on the list as well ;-)
Photo: She added a few things *not* on the kindergarten school supply list lol #girlsday #spoiledbutnotrotten

School supply shopping selfie!
Photo: Girls day wouldn't be complete without visiting the brand new hobby lobby!

Raya starts Kindergarten on this Wednesday and is sooo excited! Even more exciting is that a new little girl started at her babysitter's today and we discovered that her and Raya have the same kindergarten teacher! So the babysitter said they were holding hands and playing with eachother today and excited to have a BFF to ride the bus with etc.

The bad news is that Brielle can't go to daycare for this entire week b/c she came down with hand/foot/mouth this weekend--ugh! The joys of daycare germs. Lee took off today and tomorrow to stay with her, my dad is doing Wednesday and my mom is doing Thursday and I'll probably do Friday. Talk about bad timing! But luckily she's actually mostly fine.

So I apologize for being a horrible blogger but between work and photography I just don't have the time to keep up! Trying to still get some things over here for the girls' baby book though :-)

Here are a few more pics I haven't shared yet!

Photo: I *almost* don't want to go to work when they are being this cute !! But then Brielle starts fussing and I put them in the car haha

Photo: Kisses from my little night owl ♡

Daddy had the girls while I was at Mall of AMerica...he bought them overalls and cowboy boots lol

This past weekend was my hometown's little festival ....Raya spent a lot of time perfecting her outfit and even insisted on borrowing one of my scarves!
Photo: Watch out Lisbon....she spent a long time perfecting her outfit for Kraut days...even insisted on one of my scarves! Lol

Photo: Cousins at Kraut Days!

For the parade the girls wore their new cowboy boots <3
Photo: Daddy is taking his cowgirls to the parade today while I have photo clients ...they love those boots!

And I got to hang out with some of my childhood besties!

Photo: A good day for a nap!

Splash pad fun, the day before Brielle started daycare
Photo: They're ready!

Photo: Next up, splash pad!

Ok, so I think that's all for now---thanks for still reading even though I'm officially the world's suckiest blogger! :-)


  1. Glad to hear it is going well with your new job! Autumn always wants those AG knock off clothes at Target... they have so many cute sets there!

  2. So glad everything is going well - I can't believe she got HFM right away!! Good news is, that was the longest running day care sickness we got, so now that long one is behind you!

  3. I know you've been busy, but I miss reading your blog!!!! Get to it! haha j/k! =)

  4. YAY!! So glad to hear you're loving the job!! While I love the little guy, I CAN.NOT.WAIT for the day when I go back to work. And, it sounds like the girls are adjusting to their new schedules as well. Wins all around!!

  5. So glad that things are going so well. I've been a bad blogger too but I'll be back at it soon. Kaylee starts kinder Aug 26


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