Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Brielle's first day of preschool! And bonus fall photoshoot

Brielle has been in daycare for a couple weeks now, but today was her first day of preschool! The preschool program is at the daycare, but kids who *aren't* in the daycare also come to the preschool program. Brielle gets to do preschool 4 days a week since she goes there, but other kids sign up for either M/W or T/TH class. Guess she'll be extra smart now! ;-)

She was excited to do her first day of school photos!

And Raya at the same age

She has got to be the cutest thing I've ever seen! <3

And a picture her teacher sent me

Brielle has been doing awesome at daycare this week...she has a couple teachers she just LOVES and they love her. I think she is eating up all the attention she gets and she always is excited to tell me about her day.

Tonight she had her first ballet of the season---cousin Harper is doing it with her this year!

On Monday Raya started tap class and soccer....she's having fun!
Photo: Straight from tap class to soccer...The extracurricular queen lol

And lastly, we had the chance to model in exchange for free skirts recently, so here are the girls rockin their photoshoot hehe. I don't have the time to do this often, but it was fun to do a little "modeling" once!






  1. I can't believe that Brielle is in preschool already! Her pictures are sooo cute! And I love the skirts you guys got to model!

  2. I love that Brielle's teacher sent a picture of her at school.


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