Friday, August 15, 2014

Raya's 1st day of Kindergarten!

On Tuesday night Lee took Raya to her school meet and greet---I told him he better bring me a picture, and he did great!

Raya loves her teacher---look at their matching crossed legs--I die <3  I decided it's destiny that out of 5 kindergarten teachers Raya got the one who loves taking pictures---her teacher keeps a class blog and posts pictures etc. on it. She emailed the parents asking if we were ok with our kids' pictures on the blog and I was like "are you kidding me?! YES!"  haha :-)

On Wednesday morning we dropped Raya off at her babysitters house, and the babysitter made sure she got on the bus safely--Raya is so excited to ride the bus! (All of about 2 minutes down the street to the school hehe).

Look at her little self waiting

Getting on!

Oh, but of course before we left for work and school I squeezed in our quick 1st day of school photoshoot!

And here is her "official" 1st day picture, starting with 3 year preschool school and ending with kindergarten....she's growing so fast!

The first day of school was only a half day. Raya said she loved it, but only ate a bun and milk for lunch haha. (She was a bit annoyed that they didn't put cheese on her hamburger so she didn't eat it....she wasn't impressed by the "white broccoli" aka cauliflower, and they served the only two fruits she doesn't like---pineapple and watermelon haha.)  Mama ain't sending lunches though so she has to get used to it! :-P

After riding the bus after school to the babysitter's the sitter posted this picture of happy kids eating snack after the first day!

The little girl in purple next to Raya is in the same kindergarten class as Raya, so they are quickly becoming BFFs spending all day together and then going to the same sitter.

After her first day Raya was pretty tired, and fell asleep early!

Day 2 was her first full day, and she woke up excited!

When I picked her up after work she talked my ear off about her day. She said she ate Cheetos and oranges for lunch....because she was talking and ran out of time to eat anything else lol. I told her perhaps she should start with the healthy food first next time! She said they went to music class and library, and she brought home a Fancy Nancy book. She was very excited to inform me that rest time at school is "super quick!" and she got to play outside on the playground 2 times. She also told me that it had been day 2 at school, and on the 100th day they get to have a "big party" and she's already looking forward to that haha. She also told me that in the mornings she has to put her stick in either the white milk, chocolate milk, or no milk container. She said that only 3 people put theirs in white milk. She is somewhat shocked that so many kids like chocolate milk lol...she sticks with white!

Normally on Thursdays Raya has gone to Grandmas, and since Sawyer and Harpers school hasn't started yet they were there all day along with after I picked Raya up I took her over there and let her play a bit---she was so happy to be reunited with Sawyer!

And now today, for day 3, I forgot to take a picture before she left! But she happily ran off to school. I had to take a sick day to stay home with Brielle, who's been out of daycare all week due to hand foot and mouth (even though she's been perfectly healthy since Tuesday! They just have a rule that they have to be out all week---ugh). But hey, at least I'm getting a day at home to clean my house, since this working mom hasn't been able to do any laundry all week! Still loving my job though---I think it's going to be a great school year for everyone! :-)


  1. I'm so glad that you guys are all adjusting to your new schedules! It's a big adjustment for all of you that's for sure. And welcome back to the working mom and getting all the laundry done too! I feel like I'm forever doing laundry all the time now! Ugggh! Love all the pics!

  2. I remember celebrating the 100th day of school - in kindergarden!
    It looks and sounds like Raya is having a great time at school.

  3. Raya has gotten so big since 2012 preschool picture. Sounds like shes having a great time. Kaylee starts Kinder Aug 25th and she cant wait!

  4. Yay! So glad to hear that it is going well!


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