Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Happy Birthday Harper!

My favorite niece is 4 years old today---crazy! Yesterday we had her family party---here are some pics!

 then ....and now

Age 1 vs now

Age 2

and now!

Age 3 vs. now

My mom and I redid her bedroom at my brother's house for her birthday---she loved it! It turned out so stinkin adorable. This coming weekend Brielle is doing a slumber party for Harper at Emily's house so she's looking forward to partying again :-) It was nice because although John and Emily aren't together anymore they still had a joint party for both sides and Harper got to see all her favorite people and have a great day. WE LOVE YOU HARPER!

Are few more pics from yesterday...

cousins on her new bed!



  1. Happy Birthday to Harper! And how awesome that they were able to do a joint party!!! =)

  2. Happy BIrthday Harper. She's too cute


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