Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Life Lately, Epic Update!

So much to update the blog on! First off, of course the reason my little blog is being neglected is because I'm back to work...been 3 months back to work so far and LOVING IT! Seriously, I can honestly say I don't miss staying at home---and no offense to the girls lol. But I was definitely ready for a change and I am loving the structure we all have now. Work is crazy---lots of referrals, drama with teachers and parents, tons of paperwork and meetings, trainings, etc....but I love feeling productive and it makes the days fly by! Which in some ways is bad because the girls grow to fast as it is, but it's good because the days were really dragging at home that last year lol. So all things considered the work front is good!

Adding to that, my photography business is doing so so well too! I try to limit myself to a couple weekends a month of photos but I'm getting in a good 8+ sessions a weekend sometimes, especially the last couple months with all the pretty fall leaves and everyone wanting Christmas card photos! Some people question my sanity of working all week and then doing photos on the weekend but I really enjoy it---and let me tell ya, between my new job and the photography I'm feeling a little rich and famous haha. Sadly though (or perhaps it's a good thing!) I can't do much shopping because I'm too busy hehe :-)

School is going so well for Raya. She's even reading now! I mean, nothing extravagant but she can read books with word like "I like my cat. My cat has a hat. My cat is fat. The rat and the cat sat on the mat."  :-) She has some good friends and loves going to school. She had a great conference recently and the teacher confirmed that she's a goodie 2 shoes who pretty much is the ideal student. I'm so proud of her!

Daycare and preschool is going great for Brielle too. The first couple weeks back in August we had a lot of crying at drop off (they said it didn't last more than a minute or two though). But since then she LOVES it. She loves the teachers and they are obsessed with her of course. I've had so many teachers corner me asking about her clothes too haha ;-) She continues to be a little stinker at home but at school they tell me she is quiet and well behaved, go figure! Happy to hear she can turn off the divaness for school though. She still isn't super interested in academics but she has learned a few things since starting preschool. She can copy her name and trace letters, etc. She has an amazing memory and memorizes songs so easily. She's always coming home singing me new songs they learned at school!

Hmm, what else? Oh, for a health update my arthritis continues to have ups and downs. I've definitely been able to determine that certain things I eat cause my arthritis to flare at times, but my paleo diet was never able to completely stop my symptoms. I ended up getting everything lined up and approved to start an IV treatment that I'd go in for once a month, but haven't started it quite yet. It's still a last resort because of serious side effect possibilities, but it's ready to go if  needed. For now I'm trying to stick to my diet (most of the time!)

If you follow me on instagram "nopaparazziplease" I still post over there multiple times a day usually! lol. So although I now suck at blogging I rock at instagram haha. But hopefully this update is good enough for now lol

And how about some pictures?!?!

We took a roadtrip a couple weeks ago and I had a lot of fun taking pics of the girls (and Lee even took some pics of me...he didn't do too shabby! ;-)





Recently I also took pics of my parents and the grandkids! :-)

As much as we love pro pics, we also love selfies! This was on national cat day hehe
Selfie for national cat day but also proof for aunt Megan that *I* am the new selfie rock star haha #selfiequeen #welovecats  #iwinmegan

This was Brielle's very first school picture!

Halloween was f-ing FREEZING, but we worked it out and were out getting candy for a good 2 hours lol
Screw you Mother Nature...The Hufendick girls are going to get their fair share of candy despite the freezing cold! ;-)


Lee does a lot of craft projects with the girls while I edit photos...recently he was helping them make pilgrims and Raya insisted hers have this pose and outfit HAHA
OMG...Lee was helping Raya make a pilgrim....she then showed Lee the requested pose and described the outfit she wanted LOL!!!!! That is one sassy pilgrim!! ;-)

Here's a family picture that Raya's teacher took at open house and posted on the class blog
From Raya's classroom pic her teacher took at open house ♡

I just love my little family! Any time someone suggests us having more babies (which often happens because I love taking pictures of them! haha) I just think how I have room on my lap for two, when we walk they each get a hand, and our family dynamic is just so awesome right now. Two girls who are bffs, no third wheel, and we finally have sweet sweet freedom from the high maintenance babies and time intensive busy toddlers haha. Yes, yes I think we'll stop with this fierce foursome family <3

However, speaking of babies, I do love taking their pics! I have many baby planners that I get to see every 3 months, and recently had a couple new ones join. I love getting baby cuddles for an hour or two and then sending them back home hehe.
 Here are a couple fav shots of late!

So much more I could share but I better get to bed!

Does anyone still even read my blog? lol. If so, is there anything in particular you want me to do an update on or write about?! :-)


  1. I read every single one of your posts! =) You are doing so awesome with your photography. I think you could probably do it full time! But I'm sure it wouldn't be much of a hobby and fun if you did it all the time. I love the fall photos you did, and they would make great Christmas cards!

  2. Do I really have to get back on Instagram to see you?! Although Instagram was my favorite, so I don't know why I got off, haha! Love reading your update. Miss your daily posts, but you are crazy busy! You are doing so amazing on your photos!!!!!

  3. Thanks for the update :) It sounds like you are just so happy and enjoying this new chapter in your life. However, I have NO idea how you fit 8 photo sessions into one weekend... but, dang, I bet that is some good cash! :) If you are ever in St. Louis and bored (ha), you need to do a photo shoot of my family!!

  4. Wow, you are a busy mama!
    Your photography is amazing, I love seeing all your new work


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