Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happy 4th Birthday Brielle!

I've ever met a kid who was so intensely adorable, loving, and sweet---while also being incredibly sassy, stubborn, and difficult! lol :-) We love you so much Miss Brielle--can't wait to see what this year brings ! <3

Brielle chose a Cinderella theme for her birthday---which I admire. In the face of the Frozen frenzy she walked right by the giant Frozen party supply section and found the little Cinderella section haha. Again, always trying to be different and do her own thing! :-)

Brielle is so funny---definitely a quirky sense of humor. She loves to call people "eyeballs" and laugh hysterically haha. She likes to insert random weird noises and funny faces into the middle of conversations to get a laugh. She is incredibly loving and loves to cuddle. My favorite is that she gives "nuzzles" and rubs her little nose on mine.

I haven't made her 4 year check up appt. yet but based on my own measurements yesterday she's 33lbs (32nd%ile) and 37.5inches (8th%ile)...still my little shorty!

Now that she's 4 she is very excited to start having *2* gummy vitamins a day instead of one. She's also very excited that her and cousin Harper are the same age again. She will stay in the same daycare and preschool room because they don't switch until summer, which is great---she loves her teachers and friends there, and she still looks so little (short) in that room! She's getting better at letter names, but it's not something we really work on much. She can write her name quite well though! We are always amazed by some of the things she knows though and will say randomly. Like the other day Lee was doing some brainquest cards with Raya and Brielle knew that the weekend had 2 days, whales are the largest ocean animal, etc. ...she's also great at those pictures where you need to "find what's different" in the pictures, and she is AMAZING at puzzles.

She still loves to have me sing "you are my sunshine" every night before bed---but she just loves to sing in general as well. Her current favorite songs are "shake it off" by Taylor Swift (but again, to be different, she fights with Raya about how the song on the cd after shake it off is really her favorite...and she will even stay in the car listening to that song when we get home to prove her point :-P)---she also loves the new Annie movie songs (I bought her the soundtrack for her birthday)

Her favorite shows are Dora and Friends into the city, Ella elephant, Peppa Pig, Sophia the First, amount others. Her favorite foods are peanut butter sandwiches and goldfish crackers. Her favorite clothes are dresses and "comfy boots" (aka knock off uggs).

I'm convinced she will never have hair--hence the sad looking "bun" on her head lol. Her hair is still baby fine and wispy! She still has those amazing blue eyes and that snaggle tooth/missing tooth smile. She has the cutest little voice and I love hearing her say she's going to "tuddle wit the titties" hehe

This past year has had some big changes with me going back to work and her starting school and daycare, but I feel like it was really good for her. She loves her teachers and all of her friends, and her and I don't butt heads nearly as much now that we get a break from each other during the day lol.

Brielle, I can't believe that 4 years ago this morning I was starting my induction, and that by afternoon I was holding your tiny 6lb self. I was so excited to have a 2nd baby girl and you were soooo adorable. Grandma Donna still to this day calls you her pretty, pretty, baby because you really are <3 You make the perfect caboose for our family and I can't wait to see how far your sass and spunk takes you in life. I hope you have the best year yet--love you so much!!!!


  1. Happy Happy Birthday to Miss Brielle! I love that she chose Cinderella too! =)

  2. She's so cute and I love hearing her voice on videos you post!

  3. Happy Birthday, what a cutie!

    So funny that you did that picture with her holding up the four fingers, I tried to execute that same exact vision myself a few weeks ago and it was a fail!


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