Monday, May 4, 2015

I'm still alive!

Oops, guess I haven't posted here since January! lol.

Question, does anyone actually read this blog who *doesn't* follow me on instagram? Because I post over there daily and I'm not sure how much anyone really cares if I post here too :-P

*but* in case you are someone who hasn't seen pictures from me in awhile, wanna see how cute the girls have gotten since January? :-)

Every week I take a sister picture, and this year I'm doing a quotes theme ....I think they are turning out cute, even if I have forgotten a couple times!

Let's go in reverse, shall we? Here is this weekend's picture, week 18

Week 17

Week 16 (forgot)

Week 15

Week 14 (forgot)

Week 13

Week 12

Week 11

Week 10

Week 9

Week 8

Week 7

Week 6 (forgot)

Week 5

Week 4

Week 3

Week 2

Week 1

Hope you enjoyed the (quick) update! My last day of work for the school year is June 2nd---then I'm off for 2.5 months and will perhaps update here a bit more! :-)


  1. I'm not an Instagram person! (I still don't even own a smart phone!) So I appreciated the update!! LOVE all the pictures! What a great idea and the girls do so well with the adorable poses!!

  2. Love the recap! I'm totally an Instagram person, and I truly believe it's taking over blogging. Haha!


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