Sunday, May 17, 2015

Raya's Birthday Eve

I blinked---and then she was 6

After what seems like weeks of celebrating, Raya is turning 6 years old TOMORROW! Seriously, where'd my baby go?!

When my girls were little I always did things like stats, etc. on their birthday posts lol...but I really have no idea for Raya! I do know she has slimmed down so much this last year...she's wearing all the same clothes from last year and is wearing a lot of size 6x right now, which is probably the first time ever in her life that her clothing size will match her real age! ;-)

Raya continues to be an extremely easy going kid. Pretty much the only times she is "naughty" is if she's overly tired or sick! A funny story is that recently my mom implemented some time out spots at her house for the grandkids (primarily for Miss Brielle lol...but all the kids got a spot!) My mom said she was explaining to the kids that she would give them a warning, and then if they didn't listen they'd be sent to their time out spot. To which Raya replied "but grandma, if you tell me to stop doing something I'll just stop---I don't need to go to time out!" LOL...she couldn't figure out why a kid would not listen to the warning and actually have to go to the time out spot <3

In school Raya is doing great. She's a great friend and tries so hard. She's made a lot of progress in her reading and math this year and loves finding books she can actually read herself. We plan to keep working on this a lot this summer! She only has 3.5 school days left this year and then she's on her way to first grade!!!!

Raya is a total Mama's girl still. If given the choice of doing anything she wants she will usually choose to have a girls day with me---shopping, hitting the bookstore and drinking Frappuccino's, etc. hehe. She's obsessed with stuffed animals, "American Girl" dolls, loves watching movies in the theatre (and eating popcorn!), is lately a big fan of maxi dresses, always wants her fingernails painted in "patterums" (aka patterns), and loves doing photoshoots---as long as she gets to pick her own poses!

Yesterday it was kind of dreary out in the morning so we did a quick birthday photoshoot in the back yard. Later this summer I'll do a real shoot with her---but she had fun with this :-) First year without a real birthday outfit, but after 5 years of birthday number shirts/etc. I was a little burnt out haha.


And daddy bought her a real bow for her birthday:
Shawna Feldman Hufendick's photo.

In case you don't follow me on Instagram, last weekend we had a family birthday out at the campground. We actually bought a brand new 2016 camper this year and are planning to go camping most weekends, and last weekend we broke it in! :-) Raya had a great time, and there was a family with 3 little girls camping next to us who joined the party hehe. My brother had his girlfriend's two boys as well and the oldest stayed for the cousin sleepover, so that's who the new faces are <3

Shawna Feldman Hufendick's photo.

Shawna Feldman Hufendick's photo.

Then the cousins changed and went fishing! (Brielle was pouting)

Uncle John! He got her a pogo stick


I better wrap this up haha---but as you can see, a great time! And I only have 8 work days left before I'm done with work until mid August, so I'm looking forward to spending a lot of time with my SIX YEAR OLD this summer! :-)

Raya Marie, I love you the mostest ever in the whole world infinity! <3 <3 <3  Happy Birthday sweet girl.


  1. I honestly cannot believe that Raya is 6. Where has the time gone?!?! I hope she has the happiest of Birthdays!!!

  2. She is so adorable! Looks like her 6th birthday was great!


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