Friday, September 4, 2015

Back to school!

Figured I better pop in with a quick blog post for back-to-school! lol

I thought I might be bummed about going back to school/work this year since it was my first summer vacation as a working mom again, but I was surprisingly READY! Enough heat, swimming (I really dislike swimming lol), and more than enough making lunches for the girls (yay for school lunches again! haha). I was also ready to stop working all day picking up the house only to have it look messy again before Lee even got home :-P

Of course we *did* have a lot of fun this summer though! Lots of camping and hanging out with cousins. Pretty sure my schedule is the perfect mix of summer stay-at-home-mom and school year working mom---about 1 month in to my 2nd year back to work and I'm still really enjoying it! :-)

This year Raya is in 1st grade and she really loves school. I feel like she's got a strength in Math, has really come along nicely in Reading, and bless her heart tries hard in Writing lol. (The poor girl has inherited Lee's inability to spell a word even remotely close to what it should be haha....thank goodness for spell check, right?!) None of her good friends from last year are in her class this year, but already she seems to have made a friend in class named Maisey and she told me that at recess the girls play Super Girl which involves making potions and chasing boys haha ;-)

Raya is also doing Soccer and Jazz (dance) this year and really enjoys it! She's done soccer before but it's her first year trying Jazz.

Ok, here are some 1st day of school pics for Raya!

And here she was on the first night of soccer practice!

And now for Miss Brielle. Brielle is in 4 year old preschool this year (she is in the afternoon class) and she is in the daycare program for wrap-around care. She seriously has 90% of those teachers wrapped around her cute little finger I think! Her behavior has drastically improved I feel like the last month or so (less tantrums and diva antics) which has been awesome. She has made some great little friends at daycare, who now also attend preschool with her---Stella and Kayla she tends to talk about the most. She knows all of her letters and at least half of her sounds and is awesome at math. ( I think both girls got Lee's mathematical/engineering mind!) She is also really into chapter books now (that I read aloud) and she has really great comprehension which is fun. Looking forward to a fun year!

Here are her first day of school pictures

Here is the picture her school took:

This year Brielle is sitting out dance (we are already busy 4 nights a week with extracurriculars as it is!!) but she is doing soccer for the first time and so far seems to love it!
Shawna Feldman Hufendick's photo.

Other than that not much to report---check me out on instagram for daily pics though! "Nopaparazziplease" 

Have a great school year everyone!


  1. Glad to see what you guys have been up to! The girls look so big!!


  2. YAY for a blog post!! It sounds like you guys really had an awesome summer =) The girls are growing wayy wayy too fast!


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