Monday, October 18, 2010

17 months old!

Today Raya is 17 months old!!! Next month she will be one and a half :-o ....Where'd the time go?!

In honor of her 17 month birthday we did a little photoshoot outside :-) No Mr. Owl, but she did have fun playing with our half dead pot of flowers!

17 months old and still as cute as ever!

Not much new developmentally to report. She RUNS now...not just walks haha. But with that comes running into the street (or trying to!) so we bought her one of those backpack leashes haha. She likes it but since she's still so small I have to be careful not to tug on it too hard or she topples right over! Her receptive language continues to amaze me. She still hasn't had a major language burst as far as words she says, but she understands absolutely everything! Lee loves it b/c she's his little gopher girl now. She retrieves things for him all the time when he doesn't want to get up from the couch :-) I'm also constantly shocked by the things she does and remembers! Like yesterday, for example, we were playing in the living room and she found a little bath toy that had someone gotten misplaced. Next thing I knew she was making her way to the bathroom with the toy, opening the correct cupboard, and putting it away....I hadn't said a word but she knew it was out of place and needed to be put back! Another very "smart" moment she had was today at the fabric store. We were going up and down the aisles and she saw an owl fabric and starts going "whooo whooo"...I thought it was pretty cool that she could recognize they were owls completely out of context like that, especially when they didn't look anything like "real" owls! Then a few minutes later she was going "neigh!" and pointing at horse fabric! As far as more annoying developments go, she is definitely VERY strong willed and the tantrums are coming more and more frequently unfortunately. She throws dramatic tantrums when she doesn't get her way, especially  if she wants a snack and I say "it's not time" haha. She will throw herself to the ground crying, snot and tears everywhere, etc. ...and for added good measure she sometimes hits her head on the floor and then looks at me, just to make sure I'm seeing exactly how pissed she is!

But  despite the tantrums and her budding independence (which is at times quite annoying!) we just love her and think she's at such a fun age right now :-)

I"m a fun girl people!

....with an evil side for sure!

Today when we were running errands I  had 2 different people comment on me being pregnant (I must officially have passed into that "she's obviously pregnant and random strangers will comment" stage, as opposed to the stage of "she could just be chunky so we won't say anything" stage haha)....but anyways, both people said pretty much the exact same thing to me. First, they'd look at Raya and say "you are going to have your hands full with THAT one!" ...and then they each said a variation of "and let me tell you, going from 1 to 2 kids is killer!"   .....Thanks people....  :-P

Do I look like trouble to you?

The verdict is don't taste very good. Where's my real snack Mama?!

How big's Raya? Sooooooo big!

She was trying to give the camera a kiss! haha

Mama with her 17 month old "baby" girl!

Raya thinks that making a "fish face" means sticking out your tongue...

Fish faces for everyone!

Bye bye everyone....blowing kisses to you all! :-)


  1. Happy Birthday Raya!!! I don't believe the tantrums, maybe you should come and stay with Grama for awhile! I love that pic where she is kissing the camera , it looks very artistic. Such a pretty , pretty baby!!
    Love, Grama F

  2. Love the pics. she is to cute. her and kaylee throw the same tantrums. kaylee does the same thing, throws herself down crying and sometimes hits her head on the ground or she hits herself. i'm hoping she grows out of that soon!


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