Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween 2010

Happy Halloween everyone!!

Little Candy Fairy :-)
 Raya had an absolute blast trick or treating for the first time today! I debated back and forth where we were going to go, but then I was told about trick or treating at the mall in town and Lee and I decided that sounded perfect--warm, not much walking, safe--so fun! There were hundreds of kids there so it was pretty crazy, but they had it organized well and Miss Raya walked all around the 2 levels of the mall and held out her little bag to get filled up with candy!

The very first thing she got was a sucker, and she immediately dug it out of her bag and started licking the wrapper!

So then I decided to let her live a little, and she proceeded to eat suckers while trick or treating....slobber running all over! But she was having a ball

I did end up making a quick shirt for her....glad I did too b/c everyone loved it! I also whipped up a quick candy bag for her too haha. She left everything on, I was mighty impressed...even the hat!

True to toddler form she was generally uncooperative for pictures and running around not looking at me! :-P

Just a *tiny* bit of sucker drool :-P

I had gotten Lee a cheap $1 mask to wear, but he didn't  have his contacts in so I didn't work.
Oh well! He wore his orange hat in honor of the day :-P

Candy high!

Washing down all the sugar!!

In the car heading home...I think she would have kept going though if we let her!!

Her stash...or what was left of it that she hadn't eaten! haha They gave out lots of
suckers which was great, b/c that's mostly what she can eat.

We forced her to eat some real dinner once we got home....she wasn't too happy about it, but she gave in :-P

So all in all her first trick or treating was a success! I think we will definitely do a mall thing again next year or something similiar. You can't beat the weather and we didn't have to get her in and out of the car or walk to a bunch of houses!

....I took a bunch of pics of her before we left today, hoping to get a couple good ones. This is what she allowed me to take :-)

We practiced putting "candy" in our bag before we left haha . We also got her to eventually start saying "trick or treat" at the mall! Although it came out sounding like "tic-eeeeat!"

We also wore our flower clippie a bit as well. I was shocked that she left the hat on, so since it was cold and she NEVER wears hats anymore I decided to go with that. But the hair clippie looked very cute too :-)

My silly little girl :-)

Hope you all enjoyed Miss Raya, aka Candy Fairy/ Dragonfly Princess!

To end, here are a few pics of Raya earlier today, rockin' out a very Halloweeny ensemble :-)   (Grandma F....these are the black cords we got on Saturday....they fit her perfectly! I may have to get the other colors too haha)

"What do you mean they don't hand out Kix for trick or treating?!?!"

"Oh, what a relief! Candy is even better!"

She's got a jack-o-lantern smile that is just perfect for today! :-)

Later gators! I've got candy to eat!


  1. Raya looks adorable! The shirt you made really made the out fit. love the candy please. The one where she is licking the wrapper is really cute. I can't believe she left that hat on, is that the same one from when she was a baby? Are those leggings under her tutu? Those black pants look great, how is the waist on them? I'm glad you all had fun!
    Grama F

  2. yep, same hat from when she was a still fits! And yeah, those are the same legwarmers she wore for her 9 month professional pics in the purple winter hat :-) The black pants have a loose waist and aren't too long...they're perfect!


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