Sunday, October 24, 2010

Family Visit

So this weekend we packed up and headed to visit my parents for the weekend. We had a family dinner Friday night and then all the girls had plans on Saturday to go shopping and then Saturday night Lee and I were going to celebrate out 3rd anniversary (which is technically the 26th) while my parents watched Raya--but then we ended up celebrating on Sunday instead, which worked out even better! Now we're back home and just (FINALLY!) got Raya to go to bed b/c she's now used to staying up very late at Grandma and Grandpa F.'s!! Hopefully she remembers by tomorrow night that Mama and Daddy like her to go to bed by 8pm :-P

So Friday after Lee got off work we packed  up the car, and Miss Raya was worse then the dogs, begging at my feet to take  her out to the car b/c she could tell we were packing up to go somewhere!

Take me! Take me!

When we got to my parents' house we had a yummy dinner and John, Em, Sawyer, and Harper were there too! Miss Harper has gotten so big since the last time I saw her....she actually stays awake now! She cracks me up too, b/c she does "crazy eyes" EXACTLY like Raya always used to do. Every time I'd see her being cute I'd grab my camera to take a pic and then after I took the pic I'd look and see that she had broken out her crazy eyes just in time for the photo lol.

Here she is playing while the rest of us ate dinner.

She had the coolest little brown Ugg looking boots on, that Emily said Miss Brielle can borrow :-)

 Harper was waaaaay more interested in the plant over in the corner, than her crazy Aunt taking pics :-P

And Mr. Sawyer, well, he's pretty much IMPOSSIBLE to take a picture of. He's like some illusive know he exists, but you can't capture him on film :-P

However, even he had to sit still for an after dinner popsicle treat!

And Raya had her first ever popsicle too! She's tasted them before but never had her very own. She ate it all up!

After dinner it was play time in the garage! All  the outdoor toys are now garage toys, since it's getting chilly out. The kids had a ball!

I tried to catch Sawyer doing his super cool dance....this was as close as I got! (As you can see, Raya was mighty impressed with his smooth moves :-)

Raya's most favorite chair at Grandma and Grandpas

And while the big kids played, Miss Harper snoozed :-)

Then Saturday the girls (and Sawyer) went shopping (where Grandma spoiled the kids with goodies!) and then ate a yummy lunch at Olive Garden.

The kids all had to be by Grandma of course!

There are my crazy eyes again! :-)

I wonder  if Brielle will be a crazy eyes girl like Raya and Harper?!

 And all the shopping wore my poor baby girl out!

She is just the cutest thing when she sleeps, isn't she?!

Then Saturday night Lee and I originally planned to go out for our anniversary, but I'm an old pregnant lady now, and I was just too tired!!!! haha. So instead I went to bed early and we moved our plans to Sunday. So this morning, while Grandma babysat, we had the most delish Sunday brunch ever (Granite City's Sunday brunch is pricey, but so so yummy!) and then went to a movie (I was voting chick flicks, Lee was voting death and killing action, so we compromised on the Facebook movie haha.) Then after the movie Lee got fitted for a new wedding ring, which I need to order now (bc as predicted the man lost the "symbol of our love" less than a year  after we were married haha...luckily I had only spent like 30 bucks on it knowing that he'd probably  lose it! I think this time around I'm going to buy 2 of whatever I get, so we have a backup :-P )

And that was our fun weekend! Now this week looks absolutely crazy, so I  may not be updating much. It's my last week before I start babysitting those twin girls full time for the next 6 weeks, so I have a lot to do this week (including a crazy amount of Etsy orders that keep pouring in)!!! ....and I'm praying the sitter doesn't have her baby early, b/c then I'd get the twins earlier and I'm not ready! haha Wish me luck!

To end, here are a few random pics I had taken on Thursday....I've been waiting for Raya to rock out this little Puma outfit I got her on clearance last  year...but the pants are still way long and I gave up waiting, so I just let her walk on them :-)

Doesn't she look cute?

I was showing  her how to do "exercises" haha
 Reading her books....her favorite pasttime

She was really annoyed when she discovered I wasn't listening to her "read" her story, but instead was taking pictures!

Oh, and then lastly, on Thursday I introduced a new item to my etsy shop. I figured out a quick way to make little "ruffle" hair clippies using my fabric scraps...they're kinda shabby chic, but I thought my sample turned out pretty cute so I'm currently selling them for only $1, to match any of my applique shirts. I've  already sold one, so we'll  see how they go over. Here  is Raya modeling :-)

later everyone!


  1. The pic where Sawyer is dancing and Raya is looking at him is sooo cute! I wonder if she'll always think he is cool! Love the little Puma outfit! When Harper does the crazy eyes, she looks like a cross between Sawyer and Raya!
    Love, Grama F

  2. cute pics...looks like you guys had a fun weekend. i love the crazy eyes pic. Happy Anniversary too.


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