Thursday, October 7, 2010

Visit from baby Alanna!

Today my friend Emily from work came over to visit with her new(ish) baby girl Alanna! I was anxious to see how Raya would do with her b/c you all may remember what happened when I babysat our neighbor baby Max! ...well the last time we visited cousin Harper Raya did a little better so I had high hopes for today :-) I had to babysit Alanna for a little while and so once Emily left I was prepared for the shit to hit the fan ! haha. But actually Miss Raya did pretty well!

Here she is with her new bff (best friend forever for you uncool people :-)

Giving her a "blessing" haha (she actually didn't do too much hitting today...she likes to tap definitely, but she kept it pretty soft for the most part)

Let me get a closer look at this thing....

Alanna says "help me!" :-)

 Don't worry baby...I just want to hug you!

I love Alanna's one eye peeking out...she's like "save me!"

Kisses!!! Alanna even kissed back! :-)

There may be hope yet that Raya will be a nice big sister! :-P
 You all know how much I miss having a little itty bitty to play photographer of course Miss Alanna had to humor me with a photoshoot! :-)

Then Raya came up with the fun idea to try one of her hair clippies on the baby!

Alanna wasn't quite sure what was on her head!

But she decided that whatever it was on her head, she loved it! :-) Thatta girl!

Thanks for the visit Emily and Alanna! Let us know the next time your in the area!!!

Ok, now to end, just a couple random Raya pics from the last couple days. First, yesterday I was calling Raya "sporty spice" ....ya know, like from the spice girls :-) She was rocking this sporty look from Old Navy....skinny leg black pants with an oversized shirt...too cool girl, too cool!

Practicing her dunking skills

And a photo op with Mama

And lastly, Grandma F., do you remember this sweater we picked  up at Old Navy when we went shopping? Raya wasn't in a posing mood, but it looks so cute on her!

That's all  we have today people....until next time...


  1. aww cute little baby alanna. :)

    when you said sporty spice i was picturing raya in something more sporty than that haha. :P

  2. Love little Alanna!!! Raya looks like she does too. That sweater is realy cute, great colors!!
    Grama F

  3. Bridgett, it was sportier in person...she looked like she should be doing the "lets get physical" video or something haha...b/c the pants were so skinny legged and she wore he little tennis shoes with them and stuff. I just needed a sweatband for her and she reallly would have been set!

  4. I LOVE the pictures from today! :) Did the clippie in her hair actually stay in? I now need to buy clippies!! Where did you get that one?

    Raya was such a sweetie! I loved seeing her again!

    BTW- I got offered that job tonight...


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