Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Brielle Update!! ...and some new Raya tidbits :-)

So today I had an ob appointment and guess what? Miss Brielle is going to end up being the chunkiest "small for gestational age" baby ever I think! haha. You probably all remember that my last 2 ultrasounds showed Brielle was below the 10th%ile for size and they were a little concerned. But then after a couple due date changes (now due Jan. 15th) they thought she wouldn't be measuring abnormally small anymore, maybe just petite. Whenever they'd ever measured my fundal height (uterus) though I continued to measure behind still. Well as of today I'm measuring a few day AHEAD! Go figure haha. I just knew all along that I wouldn't be producing no tiny baby :-P I'm currently 26.5 weeks along and measuring 27 :-) So all looks great!!! Now I have my glucose test on Monday morning so hopefully I pass that....last pregnancy I failed and had to do the 3 hour one so I hope to luck out this time! And then guess what else? Now I start going to the doctor every 2 weeks....I can't believe I'm that far along will be here before we know it!

....and what really made me laugh is that when the nurse came in she looked at Raya and exclaimed "oh, she looks JUST like you!" I of course say "thanks, but she actually looks very much like her dad" and I kind of chuckled. Well then like 5 minutes later the doctor walks in and says "your little girl looks exactly like you!" hahahahaha.

Ok, now in Raya news...well, she has in the last few days become VERY interested in good news for little sister! :-) At kindermusik on Tuesday she was obsessed with the 7 month old there and kept giving her all her toys and then clapping for herself lol. At one point Raya had given the little baby so many balls that you couldn't even hardly see the baby anymore...she was covered by a pile! She also rubbed the baby's head very gently.

She also loves looking at all the baby pictures in our house. She has no idea (I don't think) that she's looking at pictures of herself though lol...she thinks they are just some random baby...but she loves to point and say "baby"

Yes, I see the baby

She particularly loves the "baby" in this frame haha

Silly Girl

Oh, and then a funny story. A couple nights ago Lee scolded Raya for something and she dramatically started bawling, etc. Well he then tried to distract her and said "go get Daddy a book to read" and so through her tears so goes over to her books, carefully digs through them all, and honest to god chooses the book "When I'm feeling sad" and brings it over to Lee!!! haha....So Daddy had to read his sad little girl the sadness book...she really told him!

Hmmm, well I guess Raya has just been a silly  girl lately, b/c I have a couple more funny stories to share. So yesterday I was doing chores around the house and such and next thing I know Raya suddenly runs to her toy room and grabs this giant push toy thing (which she hasn't played with in forever) and literally drags it all down the hall and banging it through doorways etc. into the kitchen, where then (looking mighty proud of herself) she happily started pushing it around the kitchen....and now it's like her sudden new favorite toy! Go figure. No idea what prompted her sudden interest yesterday!

Lastly, today we pulled out the toy ad that came in the mail and I told Raya to pick out some things she wanted Santa to buy her. Well, she just got totally giddy like she knew exactly what I had said, and happily started flipping through the toy catalog!

I said "show me what you want!" and she pointed to a very age inappropriate toy of course lol

So then I said "no, that toy's too big for little girls", and she grabbed the ad and started KISSING IT! Apparently she REALLY wants whatever that thing is!!! :-P

Guess Santa better track that down :-P

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  1. If they saw Raya's daddy they would know who she looks like! They just think mama is pretty so Raya looks like her! Glad everything looks great for Brielle, I can't wait to meet her!!! Love all the pics, the ad is funny, she looks like she knows what she is doing. I can't wait to see everybody, hope next weekend works out!
    Love,Grama F


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