Sunday, October 17, 2010

My little snot nose brat :-P

Well, it's officially snot nose season! Miss Raya has a nasty cold and today she has been soooooo fussy! I am wondering if maybe her ear(s) are bothering her. I may have to take her into the doctor if she doesn't start feeling better. I gave her some medicine and laid her down for a morning nap so we'll  see if she wakes up a little happier. My bleeding ears could use a break from the crying and tantrums!!

Raya, show everyone your snot nose....

We *tried* to have a happy dress up time this morning....the happiness was short lived but I got a few pics of her putting on her "pretties"

You can see some glistening snot in this one :-P

 Yesterday Raya wasn't as grumpy as today, so Lee took Raya into town for a Daddy/Daughter day while I shampoo'd all of our carpets! Everything is so sparkly now...yippee :-) Then I spent the afternoon working on some etsy orders...and guess what? I just did my 100th sale online!!! (Although #100 hasn't paid  yet I can't quite count it. But I've been selling quite a bit lately and I have 2 people I'm in talks with currently who want custom orders so if they end up buying too I will be over my goal of 100! Some of those sales included multiple shirts too, so at an average of $20 an item I don't think I've done too shabby since I opened less than a year ago :-) Plus I've sold tons more to family and friends offline....woo hoo

**Edited to add that I just made my 101th sale! The one lady I was talking to about custom onesies for her twins just placed an order for 4 shirts!

Other than that there hasn't been too much exciting going on the last couple days b/c  of little snot nose. I did try to do her hair the other day in "big girl" pigtails, but as you can see it's very hard to do nice pigtails on a screaming, moving target!

She did look  mighty grown up with them in though!

lastly, a couple random pics from awhile ago...

Still lovin' our cozy coupe!

That's all I've got people :-P I figured I better post SOMETHING though today, or soon we'd have grandma and grandpa calling to see what was up!

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  1. Your right, dad and I have been checking several times a day! Poor Raya, Sawyer has a bad cold too. Raya looks soo cute in her big girl pony tails, but it makes her look too old!. I can't wait to see you guys this weekend. Love,
    Grama F


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