Monday, October 4, 2010

What do you do all day?!

For anyone who's never been a stay at home mom you may wonder what do I do all day?! If you ask Lee he would probably say that Raya plays happily by herself while I watch daytime tv and eat cheetos :-P In all fairness though he will admit that since my nausea has gone away I've done a great job of cooking every night, keeping the house clean, doing laundry, and even laying out his work clothes and making him sack lunches occassionally! I do set aside time during Raya's nap to watch Dr. Phil and/or Judge Judy, my guilty pleasures, but other than that I spend most of my day working on my etsy orders or playing with Miss Raya!

Which brings me to "what do you do with Raya all day?!" Well, that is becoming more and more of a challenge I must say...I'm having to be more creative with my ideas! Luckily in about a month my former sitter will be going on maternity leave for 6 weeks and I'll be watching 2 year old twin girls during that Raya will have some playmates other than me!! We're going to test how this goes and if it goes well and I enjoy it I am tossing around the possibility of (in the spring, after Brielle is all settled in) trying to find one family to babysit for part time. I have no idea how easy it'd be for me to find someone b/c I would be very picky about who I choose. I only want a family with 1-3 children, who's kids are infants/toddlers (preferably at least 1 girl!) and I only want to do it part 2-3 days a week. Since it's no rush from the money aspect, and only would be me trying to get some playmates for my girls on a part time basis, I have the luxery of waiting until if and when I stumble across the perfect family in need of childcare! Another option would be for me to find a couple families who want a back up sitter for when their daycare provider is closed/sick etc...and I could be the back up person one day here and there. ....BUT ANYWAYS, back to my story of finding things to do with Raya, here is what we did today!

We played a game! She's a little too young to understand that you're supposed to catch the butterflies in the net as the elephant blows them out, but she LOVES to watch the butterflies come out and then go around and pick them off the floor!!! haha

Did you catch some Raya?!

We also colored!

Raya was putting the finishing touches on her picture...and mine too!

Tomorrow we have Kindermusik again...we love Kindermusik! Check out this blog entry that the kindermusik teacher  did explaining the class! (And Raya and I are in the 2nd picture...and also in the 2nd to last picture with the bubbles Raya is the one with her butt in the air...trying to get bubbles off the floor :-P)

After Kindermusik tomorrow we are meeting our friend Bridgett for lunch and then after lunch Raya is getting her flu shot! This is my PSA for everyone who plans on being around Miss Brielle to go get their flu shots!!! Also make sure you are up to date on your whooping cough vaccine, as most adult are not. You can call me the vaccine Natzi, but I'm very worried about a January baby and all the illnesses!!!! I even gave Lee's dad a hard time last I saw him (he hates shots and never gets them) and I told him he needed to be vaccinated or he couldn't touch the baby this winter. Well Lee's mom called the other day and said his dad actually asked his doctor about getting both vaccines!!! hahaha. Apparently he hasn't gotten them yet, but "plans" to. My job is done :-P There will probably be some sort of blood test required for entrance to our home this winter, so I will be able to test that he's followed through hehe.

Hmmm, what else? Oh, well with the cooler weather that has come I broke out Raya's footie pjs!! I am such a good guesser, and the ones I bought last year on clearance are going to fit her just right this season...yay :-)

Isn't she cute?

Oh, and these are cute pics from yesterday when Daddy gave Raya Griffin rodeo lessons :-)

Lastly I need some help. I've decided that I'm going to splurge on a nice baby carrier for Brielle. You may remember that I had a basic front pack for Miss Raya, and it was the only way she was happy for about 2 months haha.

It was the only  way to get anything done!

Well that carrier got the job done, but it wasn't the most comfortable long term and I've since learned in my research that this type of carrier is referred to as a "crotch dangler" and is not recommended for little babies b/c of the way it makes their legs bend etc. There is a whole wealth of sites about babywearing and I've been doing my research and I've narrowed down my search to a wrap, which is supposed to be THE way to go with newborns, or "squishies" as they're called in babywearing haha. Since Brielle will probably be strapped to me for much of her early life, so that Miss Raya and I can continue about our activities, I want something that's going to be super comfy! Right now my plan is to go with a lovey dud wrap, which come highly recommended. They are also a great way to keep little ones all wrapped up when you are out and about so that people can't touch them and want to hold them and get them sick!!! :-)

This is what Me and Raya and Brielle will look like as we frolic around in this wrap (picture from the lovey dud facebook page :-) Don't baby and mom look super comfy?! The wrap is just one long peice of comes with an instructional dvd of multiple ways you can wrap it to hold the baby. Everyone says it's super easy...and you can put the wrap on and like wear it in the car, and then when you get to your desination just slide baby into it so that I could go grocery shopping with Brielle in the wrap and Raya in the cart, etc.

But help me choose the one I want! I think I've narrowed it down to two...since I wear black a lot and blue jeans most days I wanted something that kinda goes with that (there are tons and tons of patterns to choose from though).

Choice #1

Choice #2

Which do you like best?

Ok, enough rambling for tonight....better go!


  1. I've had a vote for #1 emailed in to me already haha. What say the rest of you?! :-)

  2. we're deadlocked in a tie! :-) Come on people, don't be shy...what's your vote? :-P

  3. I vote #2. They're both nice but I can't resist a glam floral print :)

  4. cute pics! raya is getting to be at a really fun age.

    i vote for #2. both are cute though. i swear we talked about wraps before you had raya and i said how cute i thought a lot of them were but you said they'd only look cute on tiny skinny people! :P

  5. Thanks for the votes! Bridgett, I don't ever remember talking about wraps before...I don't think I even knew what a wrap was until recently lol

  6. ...besides, I'm totally tiny and skinny anyways haha :-P

  7. I like them both but # 1 looks more like you! You'll hAVE TO TALK YOUR DAD INTO A FLU SHOT, i'VE ALREADY HAD MINE, i THINK WE ARE BOTH UP TO DAT ON PERTUSSIS!
    lOVE, gRAMA f

  8. We're all tied up again after I got a facebook vote haha. I guess you all can't decide for me either! Maybe I'll have to flip a coin :-P

  9. what is the name of this wrap? i'm looking for one too and this one looks great!


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