Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Raya's new bffs (best friends forever :-)

So today was the first day went great! The girls were easy compared to Miss Raya haha. Went down for a 2 hour nap with no problem (my little diva was up after 1.5 hours of course)...and they all played together really nicely. Raya even ran up and hugged them after nap! It was really cute. They had a lot of fun chasing eachother around the dining room table squealing and we even ventured outside for a quick walk, even though we almost were blown away!! Crazy windy today!

So here are some pics of our fun times today!

It always cracks me up when kids start doing the squinty eye smile haha

Lunch time!

I brought up our picnic table to use for eating and worked great!

After nap Miss Raya had to do a wardrobe change due to a diaper malfunction! :-P

We colored for awhile until the twins woke up...

Miss Raya had no problems sharing attention with the twins today. She tends to do just fine with older's the younger ones she seems to feel threatened by!

Raya enjoyed the snack time entertainment

Clearly Raya does not like her friends!

Time to go outside for a (windy) walk!

1st time wearing her winter coat! I did pretty well picking a size last year on clearance.
The sleeves are just a tad long, but it works well to cover her hands :-)

They didn't take Oprah's cell phone pledge either! :-P

Then in other news, this morning before the girls came over I had my 29 week doctor's appt. Everything looked great! I did ask them whether she is breech or not, b/c I've never felt any movement up high....and Raya was head down from a very early age. They told me that with 2nd babies the uterus is usually more stretched so the babies have more room to move around in there and don't usually go head down officially until a little later. But she felt the baby and said Brielle is actually pretty much head down's just she's basically folded in half with her feet by her head, which is why I'm still feeling all the kicks so low. It's crazy how they can tell exactly where baby is just by feeling! She showed me where her head and back and legs all are (as of today anyways). Fun stuff.

That's about alll I have to report! Oh, except I forgot to say that yesterday was our 3 year anniversary! We had celebrated this weekend though so we didn't do anything special really. We are actually van hunting for me b/c I want to have that taken care of before the craziness of the holidays and Lee's hunting season are upon us. So yesterday we drove to check out a van but it was in a little rougher shape then we anticipated, so we didn't get it and instead went out to dinner for a little anniversary celebration with Miss Raya :-) Now tomorrow I think we're going to look at another van that Lee looked at tonight and thinks I'll really like so we'll see...maybe I'll have my power sliding doors by tomorrow, that I've so been dreaming about.

To end, here is Miss Raya from Monday....

Oh, and one last thing, I had a custom order from the sister of a friend for ladybug themed birthday shirts for her daughters and I thought they turned out so cute :-)


  1. Well it looks like your first day with the twins went great!!! They are very cute! You can tell Raya adores them. Good luck with the van , I hope it is in good shape so you can get it. Love the new shirts, they turned out really cute with the numbers, now that will probably get popular on your site!!!
    Grama F

  2. love all the pics...glad to hear you didn't rip your hair out. the twins are cute. i love the ladybug shirts, you do a great job

  3. Those are stinkin' adorable!!! Thank you for making those for Erin, Shawna...I knew that you were just the person she needed to talk to:)

  4. BTW- I start at Denver in January!:) Keystone released me from my contract, are not rehiring for my position, and gave me my $500 dollars back!! I just found out, and am so relieved. With that news and the good news about Alanna, I'm set...


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