Friday, October 1, 2010

Yay for October!

It's my favorite month of the year....yay! It was no coincidence that we got married in's totally the best month ever! Yay for changing leaves, cooler weather, and bring on the holidays just around the corner!

Raya helped me today with "fall cleaning" to celebrate haha. She's my little excited to finally be tapping into child labor! :-) I taught Raya how to dust the living and then kicked back with daytime TV and a big bag of cheetos (or bon bons....whatever you picture stay at home moms eating all day) was great ;-P

Hey Missy Moe....I didn't give you permission to stop yet....keep working!

Now if I could just teach her how to do laundry we'll be set!

In other news, my new (free) diaper bag came today! Can't remember if I posted about this or not, but long story short my previous diaper bag ripped at the strap and I heard the company might give me a replacement bag...I contacted them and they sent me a brand new $60 bag free! Unfortunately they had discontinued my beloved polkadot pattern that matched my carseat and stroller so well (red) so I had to pick another pattern. I went with a cute gender nuetral choice, and although it doesn't match my stroller at all I actually really like it! Lee likes it better than the old one too.

Raya approves!

Then today since it got pretty nice out I decided to have Raya do a fashion shoot in her Cardinals cheerleader outfit. (I bought this on ebay for her to wear to a Cardinals game this fall, but Lee decided to boycott the Cardinals since they were sucking so bad and we went to the Twins game instead, so Raya never got to strut her stuff in her Cardinals gear!) She was workin the camera though cute, don't you think?!

You know she's the cutest thing ever, right?

When Daddy got home today he told me to put Raya in old clothes so that him and her could get dirty outside haha. Come out to find them shooting hoops with the new basketball hoop that Grandma and Grandpa F. got for her at a garage sale. As much as Raya loves it, I think Daddy loves it more! (It now is proudly set up in our dining room, b/c Daddy (I mean "Raya) wanted to shoot hoops after dinner inside :-P)

She's a real natural....

Dunk it Missy Moe!

Then Daddy and Raya  topped off their night by mowing the lawn. Daddy had strict orders to drive slowly and stay on flat ground...and Raya wore her protective ear cover :-) She loved it! I think she was out there riding along for a good 20-30 minutes.

Happy October everyone!

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  1. Maybe miss Raya will take after grama and love to clean!!!
    Love the new diaper bag!
    Grama F


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