Thursday, October 21, 2010

Hyper Girl!

Raya has been a hyper little thing lately! The last two days she has been getting up really early and then either refusing to nap altogether or taking a 30 minute nap and thats it. Mama is missing her afternoon break to get things done!

On Tuesday she was basically a little tornado all day long. As these next pics will show....

Up on the couch!

Bouncing on the arm of the couch

RUNNING from one end of the couch to the other....screaming

At Kindermusik the teacher called her "Captain R" haha
(By the way, she wore this shirt first at age 10 months to model it for my still fits!)

Pulling the blanket off (she  proceeded to "jump" into her blanket I said, CRAZY girl!)

Then yesterday we took it easy around the house....Raya had fun playing  kitchen. She likes to "lick" her icecream cones now haha

In other news, I had order a couple things  off etsy for baby Brielle....hoping to use them for her newborn photos. This one seller had cocoon and hat sets for way cheaper than most people were selling hats alone, so I bought  one and it's so cute! I can crochet and certainly could have made this myself, but the cost of my time and the yarn etc. would have  been more than this lady was charging so it made more sense to just buy it.

Here is a picture from her website showing how cute it is to use for professional  pics

Then to my surprise she even sent a 2nd hat FREE! (The one she sent me was purple with a white flower...but  it is this style)

Then lastly, I ordered this lace romper b/c I just think it's the cutest thing ever (and I have been making good money lately in my Etsy shop so I don't feel bad using some of my profits to buy other things from other Etsy sellers :-) came in the mail  and it's so stinking tiny and cute! (I did have her make mine slightly bigger, telling her that my baby could be a 9lber haha. But anyways, it looks just like the one this baby is wearing.

I'm so excited for her newborn picture session!! :-)

And lastly....I now have the boy version of my turkey shirt available  for purchase on my website. Check out how cute they look together for twins or siblings!

I also just started offering matching hair clippies  for all of my items, which is kinda fun :-)

That's it for today! Then stay tuned  for I'm sure a big update after this weekend...we have fun plans and will be taking pics I'm sure! :-)


  1. I can't wait to see that little hyper doll!!! Those things you ordered for Brielle are soooo cute! Love that little lace romper. Does it come in other colors? See you tomorrow night,
    Grama F

  2. Yeah, it comes in TONS of colors. I really liked the shabby chic look of the rose color hopefully it suits Brielle's coloring! :-) I'm of course going to look for a cute headband to go with it :-P

  3. where did you get the cocoon and hat from? they are adorable, I was looking for something like that but the things I've seen are so expensive. I love that little romper, so cute!

  4. Oh it's hard when they start outgrowing naps!
    And those etsy items are adorable!


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