Monday, October 18, 2010


First, don't miss the brand new update I did earlier today...Miss Raya is 17 months old! :-)

However, I just remembered that I forgot to update everyone on my evil glucose test today! It was a disaster!!!!! I get there and wait for-ev-er in registration and when I finally get to lab they call me back, draw all kinds of blood, and then show me out and say "have a nice day!"....and I looked at them like "huh?".

So then I tell the lady "what do you mean? I still have to drink the glucose drink and wait an hour and stuff...." and she goes "no, that's not what the doctor ordered."  So then I say "well, that's what I'm here for!" and she goes "Well, if so then you'll have to come back another day" which point, cue crazy pregnant lady! I got sooo mad and said "no, I arranged a sitter and fasted and set aside my whole morning for this test and I don't understand why I should have to inconvience myself again when it wasn't my fault!" she calls the doctor (and I overhear her telling people basically how I don't know what I'm talking which point I call back "this isn't my first pregnancy...I know what a glucose test is!") and sure enough, she comes out a few minutes later and say "our apologies....someone ordered the test wrong". GRRRRRR. Well long story short, they did get their butts in gear and were able to let me do the test still this morning (and I actually didn't feel sick  drinking the drink this time.....maybe that's a good sign that I'll pass the 1 hour?!?! I haven't heard my results yet) ....and guess what? At the end of the test they gave me a card and a $10 gift card to Walmart, appologizing for the mix up and my troubles. Yeah people, don't mess with the hungry pregnant lady :-P

One final P.S. ....Here is my latest Etsy creation! I had a lady custom order coordinating boy/girl turkeys for her twins and I wanted to test my design first on a sample, so baby Harper is the lucky recipient of my latest sample. I think it turned out cute! Check it out here:


  1. So, did you pass??? I hope so, after all of that trouble!:)

  2. I want one of those turkey onesies for Alanna. Can I order one? 3 month size long sleeves? I should probably just talk to you through Etsy instead, huh!

  3. that sucks, well at least you got to take your test. i would have been upset too.

    the turkey shirt is adorable!

  4. I bet those nurses won't mess with you again!!!!
    Love the turkey shirt, very very cute!
    Love, Grama F


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