Monday, October 11, 2010

Leaf Pile!

Yesterday afternoon Daddy made a big leaf pile in the back yard....all 3 kids loved playing in it!

Raya liked it when Daddy threw leaves on her head!

Do it again!

She did not, however, like it when she thought we forgot her there!

Posing like a leaf pile Goddess :-)

Ok, I'm done now people...get me out of here

The boys had no problem staying in their soft leaf beds though! Gunner loved it especially....look closely and you can see him---he's kind of camoflauged!!!

Sorry to burst your bubble Poo, but we can still see you!

Griffin was having a bad day. Lee gave him a haircut and the clippers broke exactly halfway through!
So now one whole side of his body is shaved short with a clippers, and the other half is a choppy mess done
with scissors! haha.

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  1. Raya is just too cute! Love the dogs with her in the leaves.
    Love, Grama F


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