Saturday, October 2, 2010

Halloween Preview!

Aren't you all lucky....I've done  multiple updates in a row! Hope you aren't getting sick of us yet :-)

Anyways, I just had to share the insane cuteness.

I mean, it's obvious who the cutest pumpkin in the patch is...she doesn't need a shirt to say it!

I got her  this shirt to wear for pumpkin patch pictures this year! We're probably going to take her in the next week or so....I want to wait for a decently pleasant day b/c I would like to get cute pics of her  in the pumpkins without a coat covering up her cute outfit :-)

This is her only Halloween shirt, so she'll  probably be wearing it a lot this month to get her  use out of it!

And then guess what? I found a Halloween costume at Old Navy for her that  doesn't require a hat or hood! I've had a tough time finding anything cute that doesn't have a hood (which makes her scream...I tried one on her at Target haha) or a hat (she takes them off!) or like anntennas or a headband or something (she takes them off too). Well then I saw this dragonfly princess costume that only had a tutu, wings, and a wand....and I thought yay, she should like all that! So I bought it and brought it home very hopeful (Lee was babysitting her for me :-P)

...and when I brought it home guess what? She wore it happily...yay!

Now don't worry...this is not all! I plan to make her a matching purple shirt that  say "Trick of Treat" in colorful letters (since she won't say it herself :-) and then we're also probably going to wear our rainbow bright leggings. But I will not be revealing her final look of course until Halloween....she's sure to be  ADORABLE though!!!

And as far as what will  be gracing her cute  little head....well luckily I have this GORGEOUS purple flower that a friend made Raya, and she hasn't had an occassion to wear it yet, but it matches so perfectly with this costume!

Won't she just be the cutest dragonfly princess  ever?!

Here are a couple more random pics....

The costume is a 3t/4t size....but I wanted her  to be able to wear it for dress up afterwards for awhile :-P

She already has the  wand wave down! :-)  ...she's kneeling here...the skirt isn't that actually fits really well

And for Mom and Dad? Well  Target had masks for $1....and i thought that would be the perfect "lazy man's" way for Lee and I to dress up! (Especically since I only plan to take Raya to like one row of houses since she's still so little.) Lee is a green Frankenstein, and I'm a purple and black we'll actually kinda match Raya...purple and green!

Check out the sexy pregnant catwoman :-P

Raya thinks her Mama is a dork :-P


  1. Love the costume!!!! She isn't coming here for trick or treats???? You look really cute in your mask!!! Sawyer is going to be a tiger from Old Navy!
    Grama F

  2. Well, we'll have to see what Lee's plans are that weekend. If he doesn't have plans we might be able to do Halloween at your house and go trick or treating in Lisbon or something. I just want to take her to a few houses somewhere.

  3. i love the shirt, I found shirt for Kaylee to wear too. Now I just need to find her a costume! Her halloween costume will be really cute! Cant wait to see the whole thing!


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