Thursday, October 28, 2010


Today was my first FULL day watching the girls. Let me just say that it's very hard thinking of ways to entertain 3 toddlers all day long that doesn't involved leaving the house/yard! So today I decided we'd bake cupcakes. It sounded like a good idea at least haha...until Raya clearly demonstrated that she doesn't  understand "don't touch" and she dove her entire hand into raw cupcake batter :-P

The girls all took turns standing on the step stool to help me "cook"

Then the big  girls helped me put all  the little cupcake papers in the trays!

Watching them cook...or as the girls said the cupcakes were in there "popping"

Miss Raya struggled more today with sharing attention. She spent a lot of time trying to sit on my lap and "claim" me for her own lol. And when she didn't think she was getting enough attention she did a lot of crying at my feet

The big girls just ignored her!

Playing "peek!"

I see her now!

Raya is no dummy though, and she knows exactly how to get my attention....

"Hey Mama, you wouldn't want me to lose my hair clippie would you?!"

After the cupcakes were cooled and frosted we had to enjoy our tastey work!

The girls were so different in their cupcake eating technique.

One was a frosting licker...

And the other shoved the entire thing in her mouth at once!


After lunch and cupcakes they took really good naps again. Only this time *I* was so exhausted that I took a nap during nap time too!

Luckily tomorrow is Friday (whew!) and then Saturday Raya and I are going home to my parents to do Halloween weekend, while Daddy has a friend up to our place to go hunting. I'm not sure I'm going to get around to making Raya a Halloween shirt for her costume, so she may just have to wear a plain purple shirt (gasp!) but she'll still look super cute I'm sure :-)

Lastly, as of tonight I'm the proud owner of a minivan! The van we went to see tonight was soooooo much nicer than the one we went to see the other night. We got a good deal on it and should be able to sell my car for not much less than the van, which is good b/c we don't do car payments in this house! I'm loving the automatic sliding doors...I can just push a button on my keychain or in the van and the doors open and close like magic, which will be great when my hands are full of kids! Plus it's really cute, for a minivan :-)

Here are pics from the dealer website (it was too dark to take pics ourselves by the time we got it home)

Pretty two-tone leather (heated!) seats

Tons of room for munchkins!

And it's one of my favorite colors...kinda like a darker shade of the green we painted our house haha

The sun is so bright in this one the color is kinda deceiving

This is a pic of the exact same van from a different dealership....this is the accurate color

Cute right?

There is one (likely very minor) issue we need to have looked at though (of course....the downside of buying used! But hey, no car payments so we still come out ahead haha). One of the rear breaks acts like it either needs a new break pad or rotar or something so we're going to try to get it into the shop tomorrow if we can to get that taken care of soon. Hopefully all else is well!

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  1. I'm sure Raya is a little jealous, she'll get use to it!! Looks like the cupcakes were a hit!
    Love the van, hope you get the breaks looked at so you can bring it home sat!!!
    Love, GramaF


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