Friday, October 29, 2010

Bath time!

We haven't done any bath time pics in quite awhile, so tonight I snapped a few quick shots of Missy Moe doing her thing in the tub :-)

She isn't a big fan of playing in the tub anymore, but she does love to play with the water as it fills up!

Seriously people, do you even know I how withstand THIS level of cuteness day after day?! :-)

Actually washing the hair!

Drying off....

All cute and ready for bed! She won't let ME brush her teeth....but she'll do it herself just fine!

In other news, about a week ago I stumbled across a new etsy selle just starting out who had her little jumpers priced super cheap (I'm sure trying to draw some business and build up her rating) since she had this really cute fabric I decided to give her a shot and she was really nice and sent out this jumper with lightening speed :-) I plan to pair it normally with a long sleeve shirt and leggings, but I had Raya model it real quick tonight just to make sure it fit properly. I think it turned out cute! (But Raya was NOT in the modeling mood!)

I stood her on the changing table  in hopes of getting one decent picture haha

And she's done!

Lastly, Raya has been a super stubborn eater lately. Especially with the twins here now she gets distracted during meals and then gets in her head what she will and won't eat, which changes day to day and drives me bonkers! :-P So today I made her a ham and cheese sandwhich, something she normal likes, and I *thought* she was eating it just fine....

....until I inspected her plate more closely and realized the little shit and put every bite in her mouth, sucked off the butter and bread, and then spit out the ham and cheese back onto her plate! I give up bread and butter if that floats your boat....what-EVER!

That's it for today! No pics of the twins today....we had a rough day with Miss Raya who was EXHAUSTED after being up until 10pm last night (due to us buying that van and all) and then getting up early this morning at like 6am....she was a major grump !!


  1. I love Rayas hair after a bath when it's all messed up!!! Love the jumper, that will be cute with a long sleve top and tights! Raya is going to turn into a loaf of bread!!! I can't wait to see you both tomorrow!
    Grama F

  2. so cute! Kaylee doesn't like me to brush her teeth anymore either, she wants to do it. She does a pretty good job. Love the new outfit.


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