Monday, September 10, 2012

An apple a day keeps the doctor away (well, not exactly)

Today the  girls and I  made  apple crisp! Our neighbors have apple trees and they let us pick what we  want--so yesterday Lee and the girls picked a huge bag  of beautiful apples!

After yesterday's post I  thought this shirt was fitting for today ;-)
After picking our favorite apples we used our nifty apple peeler to get them  all  ready for the baking dish!

Cooking with kids  takes about 10,000 times as long as doing it yourself...but  my girls love to do it!

When thinking about what I wanted to bake today I checked my Pinterest boards for recipes I had saved. But I've found that the number  of steps a recipe has is inversely related to how tastey I decide it is. The more steps there are the less I like it LOL. So in the end I decided good old apple crisp was the way to go. And this turned  out SUPER TASTY!

6-8 apples in baking dish and pour 1 cup water over
Mix 1 box white  cake mix with 1 cup packed brown sugar, 1tsp cinnamin, and 1 stick melted butter. Stir that together and crumble over the apples and bake at 350 degrees for 50 min.


Raya said YUMMY!

Actually  though neither girl really ate much apple crisp when it was all  said and done lol. More for mommy and daddy though! ;-) The girls tend to like their desserts in their purest form--cookies/cupcakes/candy hehe.

So for snack  instead they had bananas!

You may notice that I'm experimenting with (gasp!) BANGS on Brielle! I'm pretty anti-bangs on little kids....but honestly Brielle has a much higher hairline than Raya. I  didn't mind her without bangs, but I thought now, if at all, was the time to try bangs and see if I like them---because her hair is still so short I could quickly grow them out again. So far I kind of like them! I left them really long until I decide for sure---if I keep them I'll shorten them slightly. But I do think they frame her pretty blue eyes nicely, and once her hair is thicker and not so much "baby hair" it might look cute. What do you all think?

There is an evil genius behind that sweet face haha
So, as my title alluded, an apple a day doesn't always keep the doctor away! Today we had Brielle well  child check, and then we all  got our flu shots (PSA, nows the time to get those flu shots! :-)

To set the scene as to why this appointment was humorous, the other day my mom commented on how heavy Brielle was feeling when she picked her up. After she made that comment I suddenly noticed too---she felt a ton heavier! So I weighed her at home on my scale and it said she was *26* pounds! So then I'm thinking oh good lord, she's gained like 5 lbs since  her  last appoint 3 months ago !

Now as I've s aid many times on my blog I'm not a health nut. My motto is "live a little!" lol. The girls and I  love desserts after meals, we always get a cookie or icecream  etc. at the mall...we loooove sugar. That said though, no mom wants their  kid to be the fatty at school ;-) So I  called my mom after weighing Brielle and we decided that yeah, we shouldn't let her eat goldfish crackers in the stroller when  we want her to stay quiet, etc. etc. And she told the doctor she works for (also the girls' doctor) about the weight  gain and we were all  jokingly refering to her as chubby for a couple days ;-P  (Even though we are fully a ware that  babies  this age can't really be overweight---they all  go through  stages! It  was all in good fun)

But now here's the funny part! So we go to the appointment and my mom weighs her, all ready for us to see the big weight gain, and low and behold she's still  a TINY PEANUT! hahaha. My scale at home is apparently  way off because she was only 23ish lbs I  believe which put her at the 50th%ile...totally average. Her height is now up to the 19th %ile (from the 13th%ile before) ....but  she's still a little shorty!  So the doctor basically said to  let  her keep her  whole milk and snacks and Brielle's a happy camper :-)

Ok, lastly tonight, PUPPY PACI HAS DIED !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I may  have  made a rash decision last night to cut the paci off of puppy :-o

I  really  don't  have a problem with pacis in general. And  I didn't plan to take Brielle's away this  early. But the problem  was that  in the last  couple weeks she had developed an OBSESSION with puppy paci. He had to go everywhere and all day long we were searching for puppy because she'd leave him places and then not be able to find him. He was always in her mouth and now that she's talking a lot more it was annoying trying to understand her with him in her mouth. So last night I just cut it off and told her he was "broke".

.....for the next 30 minutes she repeated "puppy broke!" and looked at him. She walked room to room with him looking for the paci part and she'd say "hmmmmmm". It was so pittiful! Lee and I immediately feared we had done something very bad. haha

"Puppy Broke!"

Grandma F. isn't going to be happy when she sees this pitiful picture! :-P


Raya just  didn't want to be left out of the whining ;-)

Actually though it had gone WONDERFULLY! I *do* still give her the cut off paci part in her bed only. I hide it and then just pull that out when she's in her crib. I"m fine with her having it in her bed only until she's 2 and then we'll take it away like we did with Raya. My problem was having it during the day, and now today she went the whole day without it just fine! She did take puppy to the doctor with us and she's carried him around  a little bit today, but in general she doesn't care much about him now that he's "broke" baby girl is growing up. I'm so proud of you Brielle!!! :-)


  1. Ok so I'm embarrassed to tell you this, but I might as well because I'm putting it on her 20 month update tomorrow, but Tyler weighed Kyla the other day and she's almost 30 pounds (29.8). She's always been in the higher percentile, but YIKES! Let's hope our home scale is off too! I already switched her to 2% milk. My problem is that I let her walk around with her snack cup all morning with cereal in it. And she gets snacks in the van. She doesn't go to the doctor until 24 months so we won't know until then if our scale is off, haha.

    I love the puppy pictures. She looks so sweet and innocent. Kyla only gets hers at night and at nap time. I don't feel bad about letting her have it until she's two now :)

    Apple crisp sounds delicious!

    1. Well, don't feel bad...Kyla sounds just like Raya! The thing I was a little concerned about with Brielle is that she's still obviously short---so if she had been 26+ pounds on her 19th%ile height body I was thinking that seemed way out of proportion haha. Raya has always been at the 96th%ile for weight, or around there, but her height has always been the 75th%ile at least, so it seems more balanced. I think Kyla looks great! :-)

      Raya had hers until a little over age 2 and never had any problems, so my profession opinion is that pacis in bed are fine hehe.

  2. The apples you guys have are huge!!! Our apple trees don't produce big apples like that =) And your crisp looks delicious =)
    I think Brielle looks adorable with bangs!!! =)

    1. Yeah, our neighbors said they didn't spray the trees or do anything to them to make them nice, but they are actually great apples! I need to think of more apple recipes now :-)

  3. Way to go Brielle! I also have to say I love the purple shirt. Do your kids ever where the same outfit twice!? It seems like they always have new adorable clothes on!

    1. LOL...well, we do have a very extensive clothing rotation, but believe it or not they do get worn multiple times! Both things Brielle is wearing in these photos are handmedowns from Raya :-)

  4. I love Brielle with or with out bangs, the bangs do seem to really frame those baby blues!!! And yes the pic where Brielle is tring to suck the paci that isn't on puppy is the saddest thing ever!!!! I just can't stand all those babies growing up soooo fast!
    Grama F

    1. Lee read this blog tonight and said "what? you cut her hair?" I said "yeah, see, I knew you wouldn't even notice!" which he said "I don't like it" .....I guess suddenly there is something to not like, where before he hadn't even known I cut it LOL

  5. I so badly wanted to make apple crisp today, but I haven't found a place out here to get the great apples. So, I too, went to my pinterest board today wanting to bake something fun, but I turned to some simple cookies because everything required too many steps. :)

    1. Pinterest is bad for that! All the pics look so yummy, but then you start reading the recipes and you can tell they obviously weren't intended for busy moms haha.


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