Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tired Tuesday

I'm going to rename Tuesdays "Tired Tuesday" on my blog I think LOL. This  year I'm not doing a ton of babysitting, but I am still  watching my niece and nephew on Tuesdays, and those days often kick my butt! Tuesdays cement my decision to be done  having children ;-)

Honestly though, the kids are good---no worse than any normal kids that age--but 4 is just a lot to have at once! And when they are as close together in age as this there sure is a lot of bickering---especially now that Brielle can talk and repeats "harper" over and over if harper commits some sort of crime hehe. I tried to explain to them that years down the road, when they are 30 years old sitting at home with their own kids, they will not care that so and so stole their  doll or looked at their baby  (yes, Harper threw a fit because Brielle had the nerve to *look* at her baby lol) ....but alas I don't think they are thinking that far into the future and apparently these things are huge transgressions in the toddler world :-P

So here is a rundown of my typical  Tuesday---so that you can all feel my pain haha

6:30am--wake up and shower
7:00am--Harper arrives around this time (sawyer is at preschool) --all three girls need breakfast.
7:30am--Get Brielle and Raya dressed and ready, clean up breakfast, finish getting myself ready, etc.
8am-- Get hats, coats, shoes on...load all  3 girls into the van
8:30-- Have all  3 girls unloaded into the preschool and wait for the doors to open. Help Raya get settled in the classroom
8:40--Load Brielle and Harper back  into the van--run errands to the post office (Load and  unload both girls at each stop), etc.
9:30-- Back  home to play. Keep Brielle and Harper from fighting over everything (they are very possessive and competitive haha)
10:30--Start getting shoes/coats/etc. back on and load girls back into the van
11:00--By this time have both girls unloaded and back into the preschool waiting for Raya to be dismissed.
11:05--Get all 3 girls back  into the van (by this time I'm exhausted from the carseats haha)  ...Drive to Sawyer's preschool.
11:15-- Pick up Sawyer at his preschool (Luckily most days Sawyer's mom brings  him out to my van so I don't have to unload everything, since she teaches at the school anyways and has a break at that time.)
11:45--Have all *4* kids back at home, unloaded  from the van, and situated with a show while I cook lunch
12:15--Feed 4 munchkins
12:45-- Clean up 4 kids, get them situated with toys, clean up the kitchen, etc.
1:30-- Change  diapers and get everyone ready for naps (yay! :-)
3:00--Kids are waking up and need snacks. Change diapers  again, feed snacks, and prepare to head  outside to play.
4:30--around this time Emily comes to pick up Sawyer and Harper

Whew! We made  it ;-)

So long story short(er), Tuesdays probably won't be exciting blog  post  days haha.

Although do not fear, I have some cuteness to share today! Here were the 3 girls ready to get in the van and take Raya to preschool this morning:

And our what  Raya wore segment--- Target boots from clearance  last year, Old Navy skinny jeans, Target aqua shirt, Target headband, and Carters sweater (supposed to be oversized)--got the sweater for $3 at the Outlet last year!

Brielle is trying to wear some items from last year while they  still fit :-)

Harper is  rocking some Kohls Jumping  Beans  brand mix and match!
And here is Sawyer after we got hime from preschool. Him and Raya always play the same game--it involves filling bags with random toys/junk and then carrying the bags to various parts of the house where they "camp" or have "picnics"etc. They will do this for hours haha.

This is them with their bags today ;-)

Goofball :-P
And as a random bonus at the end here, remember awhile back  when I told you all  about Gymboree's baby sale and I told you I got the girls matching pumpkin pjs? Well  they arrived today! So while Raya was at preschool I had Brielle model them hehe.

Would it be weird if I took  Brielle to the pumpkin patch in pjs? lol....because this is so stinkin' cute I"m tempted!! :-)

The hat is Children's Place---and  no, my girls  don't wear hats to bed haha....it was just too cute of a combo to pass up for pictures :-)

I bribed  her with Goldfish crackers to try it on !
Now off  to do some laundry before the monsters start waking up!


  1. sounds like you have a busy busy day on Tuesdays! Raya's outfit is adorable and loving Brielle's pumpkin pj's with the hat.

  2. I'm exhausted just by reading about your day!! haha 4 kids is a lot! The pics are adorable as always. I love Rayas bright colorful outfit! I should have taken a pic of Emma today for school, she was dressed super bright in hot pink. And the last pictures of Brielle with the pumpkin pj's....ADORABLE! If you take her to the pumpkin patch you could always put the pj top with a pair of jeans or something and you would never know they are pj's! =)

  3. I have to agree with Johannah! I feel like I need a nap after reading about your day!

    Raya has to be the cutest dressed kid at pre-school! I love that outfit.

    And, I would totally take the girls in those pjs to the pumpkin patch! Most people probably wouldn't even realize they are pj's. :)

  4. Dad absolutely loves that last pic of Brielle!!!! He wants you to put it on his desktop as his background!!!
    Grama F


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