Monday, September 3, 2012

Harper is TWO!

Busy weekend, preschool  starts tomorrow, can't blog much right now!

BUT, tonight we celebrated Miss Harper's  2nd birthday and here is the cliff notes version of our fun:

Harper (and teddy) greeted guests...

Then I tried  to get her two pose with the other kids for a group picture, that photoshoot went to hell in a hand basket, and I settled for a random photo of Harper actually looking at the camera LOL  (Harper's dress was a nap time whip-up special hehe...Emily didn't have a party theme and just said to make something she could wear again)

Brielle found out the party was not in *her* honor, and therefore was apathetic about the whole thing.

Baby Finn was ready to party though!! (He was wearing the fishing truck shirt I made him too :-)
We had  food, chatted, and then prepared to open presents

Sawyer  was not happy the presents weren't for him

Big girl panties!

...on her  head

And some stickers on her face :-)

Raya attacked Uncle John

And Harper showed some love to her new  big "sister" ....oh, did I not  mention my new German niece yet on the blog? hehe. John and Em are  hosting Christine for the year as their foriegn exchange  student.

Decorating Christine with stickers

Brielle played some pool (she's feeling pretty skilled after all  the practice on our new table I think!) she was asking where all the balls went :-P

Now time for cake!

Aunt Abby made a very cool cake...

Happy Birthday Harper---we love  you!


  1. Happy Birthday to Harper! And that cake looks amazing!!! haha Anddd, I hope Raya has a great 1st day of PreSchool!!! =)

  2. Happy Birthday, Harper! Poor Sawyer, it's tough when they are so little and don't understand why they aren't getting gifts themselves. I'm not looking forward to that with Graham's bday in a few weeks!


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