Friday, September 21, 2012

Brielle update

Brielle  is changing so much in the last couple weeks...I wanted  to do a quick blog post so that I don't forget these things!

Our little monkey!
* Brielle IS quite a monkey. I guess it was fitting t hat before she was even born I decided her thing would be monkeys, because this girl was born to climb! She is constantly up on my kitchen counters, she  can climb up on bathroom counters, she can climb the rock climbing side of her playhouse thingy, she climbs up into the van and into her own carseat, etc. etc. Basically there  is nothing she won't try to climb ;-)

* Brielle loves to tattle! That's one of her new favorite things. She tattles on the puppies, on Daddy, on Raya, and especially on Harper---even when Harper isn't here! hehe.

* Brielle is now  talking up a storm. Today we were in town and even strangers could understand her when she was telling me about the shoes she saw was pretty cute when the random people nearby said "I understood that!" and Brielle was just chatting away.

* Brielle has surprised  me lately with the "educational" stuff she knows! Frankly I haven't worked on this with her really at all yet. But she clearly has picked things up just from daily life. Last night she brought be a book and was point to shapes and clearly named "circle" "star" and "square". She can also tell you what  sound a cow, horse, dog, and sheep says. And she can name even more animals, like fish, duck, kitty, etc. She also loves to count (although she tends to say 4 over and over again for most numbers lol). She can "sing" the abcs, and get the tune right. She doesn't say too many real letters past A, B, C though ;-) She can point to and  name many body parts now  too, including ear, eye, nose, mouth, feet, head, and butt.

* Brielle LOVES's definitely her personal  favorite. And she screams "SWIPER!" whenever she sees him and then says "swiper no swiping!" haha. She also screams "map!" and sings the backpack song.

*Brielle continues to be the queen of tantrum throwing. She throw so many more tantrums than Raya ever  did. She is STUBBORN.

* She is very possessive right now and everything is "mine!". Last night she pushed past me huffing and puffing yelling "no, mine!" ...and I was confused because I hadn't even talked to her and no one was trying to take anything. Well she marched right into her  room, grabbed her blanket, and pushed past me again--then gave me a dirty look and said "MY blanky!" and then marched down the hall again haha. I have no idea what prompted that, considering we all know  it's her blankey and no one was trying to take it :-P  Sometimes I like to mess with her for fun though---like today she was touching her neck and I said  "no, MY neck!" and acted like I was taking her neck. And she argued with me for a good 5 minutes as we went back and forth and she'd yell "no, MY neck!" hehe

* She's such a funny kid and I can't  believe she'll be 2 soon! I have had  her birthday theme picked out for awhile now, but have in no way started planning her party. I  saw a similiar  idea on Pinterest and thought it was so cute---we're going to have  a Terrible Two-Tu party :-) So there will be a fun tutu birthday outfit and probably lots of tulle decorations haha.

I'm not going to make her  birthday *shirt* though, because I want to order something like this (and it's too much wording for me to do applique---I will just order from someone who does embroidery

Source: via Shawna on Pinterest

Haven't decided on a color scheme quite yet, but we might do a divalicious terrible  twos party and maybe  do zebra print or something with it...kind of a wild child + terrible  two-tu party :-)

Lastly today, some more random pics of the girls wearing their Old Navy animal hoodies today---it's cold here!

Raya was "whoo whooing" like an owl :-P

Hope everyone has a great weekend! It's off to dance  class for us now---later! :-)


  1. Keira is tattler too! And she LOVES Dora as well. She gets so excited when Dora comes on. Her birthday theme sounds adorable! Can't wait to see what you come up with

  2. Cute!! And I love the two party idea...we have a drama girl, too!

  3. your girls are so cute! im in love with the terrible two tu party if i ever have a girl i may steal that idea haha :)

  4. Funny your girls were wearing these sweatshirts today. I bought both of them for Kyla this morning on Old Navy. One in 3T and one in 4T just to have for next year. Along with a bunch of other adorable stuff that she probably didn't need, but I couldn't turn down. My mom is now shopping on their site and buying some stuff, haha. You seriously have me addicted.

    Love the birthday idea. I still need a theme for Kyla. I can't believe how much Brielle is talking. That is great! Hopefully Kyla will be there soon!

    1. haha! They are super cute so I'm glad you bought them too :-) How nice that your mom is shopping too!!

      Can you believe they are almost 2?!

    2. Seriously, can you believe how many times I just said too/two? LOL

  5. I agree Brielle is just expanding leeps and bounds!!!One thing that has not changed is the fact that she is still my pretty, pretty, baby!!!!!!
    Grama F


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