Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Raya's first day of preschool!

In today's world of Pinterest, it seems you can't simply take the traditional first day of school photo.  You have to have signs and chalkboards  and props, etc. So I spent a good week thinking about how I was going to do Raya's first day of school picture LOL. And in the end I decided that if I'm going to be taking these pictures for the next 14ish years I needed to stick  to something that  I could realistically keep up with! I'd probably lose a chalkboard, forget to print a sign, a prop would  break, etc. etc....so  my final decision  was to stick  with the basics--ta da! :-)

(click photo to enlarge it, if you can't read the type)
Memorable first  day of school photo? Check!

Second thing I've been thinking about all  week (or month lol)....the memorable  first day of school outfit! There were many things  to consider--comfort, the  fact that  it would probably be warm and we couldn't wear the new winter  clothes, needing to match  the backpack (of course!), etc. etc.

I ended up decided  on this outfit--which is fitting considering that so many of Raya's memorable photo ops have included an owl in one way or another. (And yes, she had  the cutest first day outfit in her  class, if I do say so myself! hehe)

One of the moms asked  Raya  if she could  borrow her shoes :-P
And let's not forget to check  how that  backpack matched!

I think Raya was 1 year old when  I bought her this backpack lol...I was just  waiting for this  day and  knew  it'd be perfect  for  preschool!
Preschool was only 1 hour today and Raya did fine. I attended a parent meeting during that time and  I guess Raya  used the  bathroom 3 times in that hour LOL...the teacher asked me if there was a medical problem she wasn't aware of--ha! I told her my daughter is a big fan of new bathrooms and sinks ;-)

In general Raya seemed a little bored today--it was just an hour of free play to get everyone settled in, and they had playdough and toys out. But  Raya plays with playdough all the time and she was wanting to go check out all the  other  classrooms to play ...she wasn't too thrilled to learn she only  has one classroom ;-) But  she did fine and was good---never cried when I left. I think she'll have a blast on Thursday when they start "school" for real. The theme Thursday looks to be about cookies and playing a name game and drawing....fun stuff!

Here is Raya standing outside  her classroom by her class list.

There are 15 kids  in her  class (9 girls, 6 boys) and  two teachers. Both the teachers seem really nice. (I found it funny that, if  I remember correctly, 3 of the 6 boys were wearing batman tshirts today haha. Most of the girls  were in Carters dresses or similiar. All the kids were quite cute  and seemed acceptable playmates :-)

....and please excuse the strange hiked up skirt look here---clearly she had indeed spent  her morning in and out of the bathroom because she's looking quite undone! haha
And of course, some more pre-preschool photos ....as fun as all  the trendy pinterest first  day photos are, you can't  forget to take the traditional "pose with your backpack on the front porch" photo ....it's classic!

"Mom, this is lame"

Thumbs  up to preschool! (And yes, we got up early to make sure  we had time for a mani/pedi :-)

Getting DIVALICIOUS! :-)

I'm not sure preschool is  ready for Miss Raya again on Thursday....but ready or not here she comes!!!! :-P


  1. Her outfit is too cute. Kaylee has that same shirt but short sleeve. She wore it on her firdt day too. Glad she had a good first day.

    1. Ha! Too funny! I think her sign was covering her shirt in the pics you posted so I had no idea she wore the same one LOL. I did notice she was wearing shorts that Raya has though hehe. They have similiar style I guess ;-)

  2. Love Raya's outfit!!! So glad she had a great day today! =)

  3. Hahaha, I love all the poses. I can't wait to continue reading school stories. She cracks me up.

  4. I noticed her shoes right away too; love them! Oh, and the picture with her finger up, I noticed the nails before reading your comment. She sure looked cute for her first day!

  5. HAHA that last pic cracks me up. She seems to have such an awesome personality!

    and I want her shoes too.

    and her backpack.

    girlfriend has style!

  6. She looks so cute and ready to take on the school year! Good luck, Raya! I'm sure she'll love it.


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