Friday, September 28, 2012

My new obsession-- Fashion Friday

So I appologize for this---because as soon as I share  this  clothing company you will  all become obsessed and then suddenly you'll have placed and  order for something you didn't *need* LOL...but I'm really mad that I had never heard of this company until now because it is so ADORABLE! So  I feel  the need to pass the info along ;-)

This clothing company is NEXT, based out of the UK....their website is here.

Anyways, there stuff is  TO DIE FOR. Reminds  me of Mini Boden, but without the insane price tag. It's still more pricey than some, but I'd compare it to gymbo and gap for prices...or even  Target when it's not on sale. But since  it's an overseas company no one else will  be wearing the same thing!

And the best part? Shipping from the UK only  takes 2-3 days! And it's free shipping over $40 (at least now it is...don't know if that's always or not). I've talked to a couple people  who've ordered from them before and they say the sizing is pretty true to size, maybe slightly big.

Can you believe  some of this cuteness? (Click the pics to enlarge)

I couldn't resist the elbows on the adorable  mouse sweatshirt---I ordered it for Raya! Hopefully it fits--I  ordered her a 4-5. If you go to their website and click on the pics you can detail zoom in and see all the details---real applique, not screen printing! I've had an aversion to screen print lately LOL. And  that  holiday dress with the elbow pads? OMG---if we actually  went anywhere dressy for Christmas I'd be all  over that ;-)

My ovaries are crying that I  didn't discover this company earlier--this stuff is from the newborn-18month section....cute! I could probably squeeze Brielle  in something.... ;-)

And guess what? For like the  first time ever I actually love  boy stuff! This company has the type of boy stuff I'd buy if I had boys myself. Sooooo cute.

Check out that  cute coat! And the  star elbows on the shirt. I  die.

Mustache sweatshirt! And look at that  dino sleeve ;-)

Love those star hoodies...Lee would  never allow a boy to wear those, but I think they  are adorable.
They also have lots of big  kid stuff too! All  the way up to size 12 I believe....and it's awesome. Like stuff that I'd wanna wear haha.

So go check  out the site! I will  let you all  know when my order comes in---i only  ordered that mouse shirt for Raya and one thing for Brielle. Because we don't need anything and also I wanted to get a feel for sizing. But I will  be back to shop next season for  sure! should all buy something from My Etsy Shop to help fund another  order hehe.

Have you see my newest monogram pumpkin shirt  design?

They  are  doing  pumpkin themed activities all month at preschool so I  wanted Raya to have a fun shirt! Plus these will be great for pumpkin patch pics and/or Thanksgiving--wear all through November!

I am selling them for $15--and flat rate shipping of $3 no matter how many you buy :-) They are a facebook only special though so visit my facebook page to order, here

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. I have ordered from NEXT, and their stuff is awesome!! Our friends from England gave me a catalog about a month ago and I ordered! Very good quality clothing! You will not be disappointed!!! =)

    1. Cool! Did you find it ran true to size as well? I'm hoping since Raya is just starting to wear size 4 in other brands that the 4-5 I ordered will fit, or at least not be too small.

    2. I did find that it's true to size!! I love their shirts, especially the ones that come in a two pack! They are super cute and soft! =)

    3. Awesome--thanks! Yes, there were so many cute things...I had to refrain since we already have way too many clothes haha. I'm definitely going to do some spring/summer shopping there though in the future! :-)

  2. OMG there stuff is adorable. I might have to cash in my can money and place and order!! Thanks for sharing. Loving the new monogrammed shirt for raya.

    1. Yes, and you can take advantage of the super cute newborn stuff too! Their sleepers and such actually don't seem all that expensive considering how cute they are :-)


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