Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Photoshoot

It's been  too long since  I actually took my camera outside in an attempt to take "real" photos, and not snapshots in my kitchen lol. And since I'm doing a fall photoshoot for baby Finn in a couple weeks I thought I better get a little refresher practice in! So today while Raya and Sawyer  were at preschool  I took  the little girls outside to play....and I chased them around  with my camera. It essentially turned into a "oh my goodness, Brielle is the cutest girl on the planet!" photoshoot hehe...but mainly because as cute as Miss Harper is, she turns to stone when she sees my camera lol.

Enjoy all  the cute pics!

This is the view behind our house. In case you don't know much about Iowa it's lots of fields and farms! :-)

Marching  back  to the  house haha...she decided the trampoline looked more fun than the field ;-)
And at the trampoline is where we found  Harper!

Now on to the raspberry patch to  get a snack! :-)

And yes, I know the hat doesn't match her outfit, but  she insisted on wearing it! She's really  into hats and I actually don't have many for her other than winter coat hats lol.

Then Brielle  became obsessed with trying to climb the ladder up to the treehouse---which she knows is off limits!

Mean mommy told her no! haha

She wanted to  climb up there  sooo bad!

"I just know it's gotta be amazing up there!"
Harper eventually  joined in trying to climb up the ladder too

"Outta my way Harper...I  want to try climbing  up one more time!"

And these next  two photos are why Harper doesn't  have more pictures posted today haha...

Shawna's camera is so hypnotizing!
Lastly, it was preschool  today  so here is what Raya wore!

And yes, this  is sadly the best picture I could get! lol It was painting day at preschool so I didn't want to send her in something brand new. So this sweater is from last year---can't remember the brand. Skirt and leggings from Children's place, shoes are Carters. (And Miss Brielle is wearing a Tea Collection dress...probably tied with Naartjie for favorite brand right now, although I only  buy Tea Collection used because it's kinda pricey.)

Hope you enjoyed all the pictures!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Brielle is too cute. Love her outfit. I need to get a new battery charger for my camera so I can actually start taking good pics again.

  2. Brielle looks so much like Raya in that hat. I can see Raya in her eyes. I love that field view behind your house; great for pictures!

  3. Great pictures! It's funny how the sad/pouty faces make for the cutest pictures. Can't wait to see Finn's Fall photo shoot!

  4. I just did a birthday photoshoot for Graham and had forgotten how much I love taking pics of them in the fall! Brielle looks so sweet! (And Harper too!)


  5. Love the pics of the babies on the trampoline!!!!!
    Grama F

  6. Amazing photos!!! I love the black and white of Brielle looking up at the camera. Super cute! =)

  7. Aww - love her eyelashes, so long and pretty!! Great pictures!

  8. Brielle is turning into such a little girl! (I started reading when she was just a baby!!) Beautiful eyes, as always.


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