Friday, September 14, 2012

Dandelion Daisies

Today we went for a walk and found many dandelions in neighbors' yards. The girls are at that fun age when they think dandelions are real flowers haha. Raya calls them "daisies" and Brielle lovves to hoard them as her special treasures.

When we got back  from our walk Brielle insisted on sitting at the counter and just admiring her glorious collection!

Look at those baby  blues!

I love this one,  but  I got my dang finger  over the flash! lol...I tried to salvage it the best I could

She acted like she was about to sneeze after  all the dandelion sniffing

Her eyes must have really caught the light here---I swear I'm not making them  fake blue! haha
Of course Raya got jealous and wanted to join in too...

Other than our walk we didn't do a whole  lot today. I did stick to my goal of a craft on non preschool days though...sticking with the apple theme:

She cut and/or tore peices of red paper and then glued (with glitter glus of course!) the paper to her apple shape. Then she finger painted the leaf and stem. viola! A gorgeous apple ;-)

And to end, a couple more pics of Raya...she was admiring her "new" outfit...she is quite impressed with the fall clothes as I pull them out for her. And I must admit this cool weather we suddenly got has made me feel like a kid on Christmas morning getting to try new outfits each day! lol. Unfortunately it's warmed back up already this afternoon.

This is a good example of the Gymbo mix and  match for $8 you can get when you shop sales plus coupon. So cute!

And she's officially  over photos lol

See you all on Monday--I'll hopefully have a few DIY home projects to report back  on ;-)


  1. Love all the photos! I cannot get over how blue Brielle's eyes are!!! So adorable! And I love the photo where Raya is holding a dandelion and Brielle is looking at her like, "What are you doing"!!! So adorable! Enjoy your weekend, can't wait to see what DIY projects you are doing =)

  2. That Brielle is sooooo cute!!!

  3. i hear you on the weather thing! i'm so excited for Hudson to wear his new fall clothes but by about ten or eleven its gets hotter and hotter.

    and brielles eyes are just adorable


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