Sunday, September 9, 2012

Happy Grandparent's Day!

Did you know that today is National  Grandparent's Day? Well it is! And so I thought I would do a quick photoshoot for our wonderful Grandparents--Grandpa Dennis, Grandma Donna, and Grandma & Grandpa H! 

....but Brielle had other ideas...

Happy Grandparent's Day!
So here's the story behind the photoshoot from hell.

Brielle never likes to stand next to Raya for a photo, so I had the grand idea for them to sit on stools. Well Brielle saw some cookies on the counter and wanted them. She was throwing a fit! She I decided to give each girl a teeny tiny bite of cookie, thinking that while they swallowed it I could get one decent picture.

....well Brielle was HORRIFIED by this small bite---she wanted a whole cookie!

Here she is throwing her  bite on the floor (you can see it falling lol)

Raya was in disbelief that she wasted cookie! Brielle was giving me her signature "yeah, I just did that---now whatcha gonna do about it?" look :-P

Raya was amused by the whole tantrum....

Brielle was not happy that we weren't taking her seriously :-P
So then I picked up the bite and tried giving it back to Brielle. In disgust she gave it to Raya...

The small bite was beneath Brielle apparently

...but Raya happily ate it!!!  ....and then Brielle was SHOCKED at the betrayal

Sisterly "love"

"Mommy, she actually ATE it!"
And that's the story of our "happy" National Grandparent's Day photoshoot :-P darling child...

...and  one not so darling child...

And so I handled the tantrum the way you're supposed  completely walking away and ignoring it. I must have done a good job too, because  about 10 minutes later Raya had to draw my attention to the fact that Brielle had cried herself to sleep on the floor.

It's a good thing that the "not so darling" one is so completely ADORABLE! :-)


  1. Those pictures are too cute! Even though i'm sure you were probably ready to pull your hair out! I love the one of Brielle sleeping and Raya touching her head =)

  2. OMG!!!!!!Those are soooo funny, it should have been video taped you would have won first prize!!!! I love Brielle thowing the cookie on the foor, I love Raya looking down at it, and when Raya eats it the look on Brielles face is priceless!!!! I'm a very luck grama!!!!!!!!!
    Grama F

  3. Hahaha, these pictures are hilarious, but your captions really make them great! How dare you only give her a bite?!

  4. I love their matching shirts!

    Such funny pictures! :)


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