Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Show and Tell --Baby Talk

Well, pretty much everyone on my blog  list has done this link up, so since I didn't have much to blog about today I figured I'd join in too!

So here are the questions:

1) Tell us your favorite baby names? Aside from your own babies, if you have some :)

Obviously my favorite names are Rayana and Brielle! lol. But in general for girls I prefer girlie  sounding names--names that when I say them I envision some "pretty" I always told Lee haha. And I like  them to be  unique without being off the wall weird. In theory I sort of like the whole name your girl a "boy" name---such as a girl named  Dylan for example....but  I just could never picture that sort of name on my own daughter, even though I think it's interesting for other kids :-) If we had ever had a third girl I was rooting for the name Elise.

For boys I was pretty much as Lee's mercy--he's very very very picky about boy names and thinks most boy  names I like sound to preppy or metrosexual lol. He likes very manly "cowboy" names....lilke Austin, Weston, Levi, Cody, etc. If we had ever had a boy our two boy names at the top of the list were Weston (West for short) or Callen. (I vetoed Austin, his first choice, for being too common.)

2) Show me your "dream" nursery {can be your baby's nursery or one that you love}

I've said before I know that we prefer gender neutral nurseries even though we always found out what  we were having. Mainly  because I liked the idea of setting up one nursery and rotating kids  through, rather  than setting up different nurseries each time. I never felt cheated out of decorating though because this way I always get to do a fancy new "big girl" room---if I had done special nurseries for each kid I'd feel obligated to keep the decor for their big  kid room too.

So  since I'm pretty much over  the  whole nursery stuff, here are some of my favorite "big girl" rooms :-)

I obviously  love Raya's room:

I love this:

And this:

And  this:

Source: houzz.com via Shawna on Pinterest

3) How many children would you like to have? How far apart?

Well,  my whole detailed explanation is in this past post of mine HERE

But  basically we are a two and through family, and I couldn't be happier! I always thought I wanted 4 kids and Lee only wanted 2. We compromised with 3 but then after having the two girls I suddenly realized I no longer had any desire to add a 3rd to our family. Now that it's been a few months and I've sold off pretty much all of our baby stuff (and my facebook page blows up with new babies constantly!) I was expecting to maybe start doubting my decision  or feeling sad about it. But actually if anything I've become even more sure that I am D.O.N.E. More power to ya if you're one of the people who have more kids than that lol. Perhaps my two are more exhausting than average ;-)

4) Tell us what you think the importance of parenting is?

Not sure I totally  "get" this questions haha...but basically my goal as a parent is to walk that fine line between "friend" and "parent". I will be devastated if the girls and I don't stay close as they grow up. They are truly my best friends! I hope that I can stay someone they talk to and come to for help and I hope our family stays somewhat drama free :-P I always joke that I'll  consider myself a success if we don't end up on some MTV or TLC reality show!

5) Show us your favorite newborn photo {can be your children or random}

Who the heck  would have their  own kids and not think  *they're* the  cutest?! ;-)

This is one of my favorites---Raya  on the left, Brielle  on the right. I still can't believe how much they looked alike as newborns!

6. Tell us some things you promise to never do as a parent {and if you are a parent, did you stick to it}

Actually if I'm being honest I probably do everything that  all other  parents say/said they wouldn't! lol. I'm a very laid back  parent and I think too many people get worked up about the little things anymore. But  then again I'm convinced that most of us will die or be screwed up by something totally random and unpredictable, rather than all the million things parents actually worry about ;-) So my kids  watch  TV, eat  junk food, use  pacis, are spoiled by too many  toys, etc. etc....and we're alll alive and healthy and having fun!

Pretty much the only things I was *really* crazy about before I had kids were things related to SIDS, since my cousin died of it when I was a senior in high school. So I always said my kids would never sleep on their bellies, have a bumper pad, etc...and I stuck to all of that *except* Brielle I did let  sleep in my bed in the early weeks when i was super sleep deprived. I always said I'd never cosleep.

Hope you all enjoyed that! ;-)

And to end, today was preschool again for Raya. And  she was PUMPED to be going. When I picked her  up the teachers released all the kids one by one like normal and didn't really say anything to parents, but when it came to me and I said "I'm here for  Rayana" the teacher laughed and then said "Oh, she is just great!" (or something like that---I'm blanking now on her exact  wording :-P)  But basically I couldn't tell for sure  if she meant great as in one-of-a-kind (aka crazy) or great as in wonderful (teacher's favorite) hahaha. I'm sure she's quite memorable though either way!!!

Here  is our new blog segment again---What Raya wore.

This may have been a little  over the top for preschool, but seriously, I die of cuteness.

She's got a shirt from Gordman's clearance  rack  last season, jeggings from Target, and cowboy boots from Target :-)

Pretty sure the teacher meant one-of-a-kind! ;-)

Happy Tuesday everyone!


  1. HAHA! She is so silly! She needs to meet Lidia, they would totally hit it off... crazy girls!

    and I'm sooo the laid back parent too. Seems like we are the minority, but my kids are happy/healthy/etc oh and they LOVEEEEEEEE me so I'm content :)

    1. They would totally be fast friends I think :-)

  2. Loving her outfit. I really like that last bedroom.

  3. Raya looks soooo cute in that outfit!!!
    Grama F

    1. She will have to wear it to your place sometime :-)

  4. I think I'm going to be very much like you as far as being a very laid back parent. Tyler hates when Kyla makes messes while doing crafts and stuff. I always tell him I'll clean it up, if she's happy, who cares! I know some people that are so crazy about eating organic and I have said to them that I will not die from eating junk and I highly doubt they are going to live longer because they eat organic. To each their own I guess! I want to enjoy my life and have my kids enjoy theirs...not be stressing about every little thing.

    I got Kyla those same jeggings at Target the other day. I got 3T so I'm sure they'll fit my little chunk soon :) I'm loving those pink boots too! I wish someone could follow her around at school with a secret video camera and we could all enjoy it :)

    1. Oh man, I can't wait to see her rock the jeggings! haha.

      And yes, kids themselves are stressful enough. If some mac n cheese makes my day go easier than so be it :-P

  5. I love that you are such a laid back parent. I have to agree the one thing I worry about, probably more this time than with my other kids is SIDS. I am constantly leaning over my bed to the bassinet to touch LB's chest to make sure he is breathing.

    Raya is such a ham; I love that outfit and all her poses! :)

    1. Have you looked into a Snuza? I had the angel care monitor with my girls and loved it, but lately I've heard great things about Snuza...it hooks onto their diaper so you can use it anywhere!

  6. Oh my word, I love Raya's outfit!!! She looks so grown up in it =) And i'm with you on the laid back parenting. I have never been one for schedules at all. I let Emma stay up, sleep in late (except on school nights) eat junk food, and all that good stuff =) Love your parenting style! =)


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